Smart Luggage Lock Let’s You Unlock Your Bags Via Phone Scan

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A new smart luggage lock enables users to quickly unlock their bags with a quick phone scan. The eGeeTouch is a new lock that operates via scan from an NFC-enabled device instead of a traditional key or built-in combination wheel.

With near field communication technology, the lock will activate depending on your proximity to your luggage. Its proximity-based technology makes it a huge improvement over Bluetooth. It also allows for faster connections and uses very little power compared to older Bluetooth-based locks.

To unlock a smart luggage lock, simply scan the lock using your Android smartphone with an installed app. Similarly, you can also use an NFC key tag or a NFC sticker for your iPhone, which doesn’t support NFC technology.

According to the company, its unique lock utilizes what the company claims to be a patented “Intelligent Encryption,” which is capable of generating upwards of more than 100 million possibilities to prevent the lock from being opened by another NFC device that happens to be nearby.

The lock also happens to be TSA compliant, and TSA guards and security personnel are equipped with a master key that enables them to open the lock when conducting routine inspections.

Here are a few other tidbits of information that is known so far about the smart luggage lock:

• It comes with a battery that can last up to three years under normal travel usage
• Even if the battery is dead, the lock can be connected to a USB power pack to unlock your bag
• It’s water resistant.
• eGeeTouch locks are affordable and sell for $25 to $30
• The lock can be applied to just about any standard travel luggage

The smart luggage lock is definitely a promising piece of technology for frequent travelers who find it a hassle to carry an extra set of keys with them. As long as they have their phone, they can quickly access their luggage’s contents without having to use a key or fiddle with a digit combo lock.

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