How to Use Twitter as a Marketing Tool

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A recent article, 4 Ways Twitter Can Help Your Small Business, by Josh Greesonbach, observes that Twitter is not just for teenagers, but can effectively be used by businesses to help generate leads.

Here are 4 ways that Twitter can be used as a marketing tool to help your small business grow.

Launch your brand

Introduce your business personality through Twitter. You can do this by asking yourself what kind of personality you would like your business to have–it can be funny, cool, informative, and exciting. Then make posts that go along with that personality and engage with your followers in the same way.

The more interesting and enjoyable your posts are, the more likely your followers will be to retweet them.

Free brand campaign

Use Twitter to get free advertising. Do this by crafting creative and eye-catching videos, images, and text. A good marketing campaign doesn’t need to be costly to get people interested in your product and business.

Share deals

Tweet information about new and exciting products and services your business offers.

If you are giving out flyers in your store, include details about how customers can interact with your business on Twitter.

Build community

Loyal customers will support you in hard times and spread the word when things are going well.

To strengthen your community, make campaigns where you ask your customers to interact with each other. Support community events and host outreach programs or charity fundraisers. The more involved your business is with your community, the more loyalty you will attract.


Using Twitter can be a cost effective and engaging way to build brand awareness and connect with your community. If you need help setting up or keeping up with a Twitter account for your business, contact a digital media professional for assistance. Happy tweeting!

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