Q4 Numbers Are In, HTC Sales Up For First Time In Three Years

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According to Bloomberg, the fourth quarter numbers for HTC showed that their sales are up for the first time in three years.

Q4 sales reached $1.5 billion, up from $1.34 billion the Taiwanese tech company recorded the same time in 2013. HTC hasn’t seen an increase in sales since the third quarter of 2011. Their recent success has even surprised a large group of analyst estimates created by Bloomberg. – which did not project an increase. They expected a Fourth-quarter loss of $950,000. That number ended up being $5.62 million.

This year, HTC’s release of a new tablet computer and phones were aimed at developing markets, which helped offset some of the competition from the iPhone 6, which was a top seller during the Christmas season. They blew Samsung out of the water.

This also helped HTC stave off competition against Chinese companies like the popular Xiaomi.

Even though Q4 sales rose for the first time in three years, the revenue for the entire year declined as it did the previous two years. Chairwoman Cher Wang shared her confidence about the company’s future with shareholders. President Peter Chou noted the improvement from 2014’s Q2.

Samsung also saw a huge decrease in mobile sales – mainly with their flagship Galaxy S5. Its Q3 sales were 40 percent lower than expectations. Apple mobile devices made up 51 percent of devices activated over the Christmas holiday, compared to Samsung’s much lower 17.7%. Still, that doesn’t mean Samsung is going under. Their TVs are doing well, including their curved display they released not long ago. The company even announce their new curved PC coming this year.

Even with Samsung’s lower-than-expectations numbers, they’re not suffering as much as HTC.

But is it possible that Samsung could experience a long-running profit decrease int he mobile department as HTC did? And is it possible that HTC’s future could continue turning numbers around?

We’ll have to see if they stick to developing markets or decide to fight Apple for more market share.

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