Samsung Galaxy S6 Will Be A Lot Different With Its Curved Version

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According to Business Insider, the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be a lot different than the company’s previous flagship versions.

There will be two versions of the phone. The first model will be made with metal instead of the plastic casing normally used on Galaxies. It’s unclear whether or not the entire case will be metal or only parts of it. Just recently, pictures similar to one below were leaked, hinting that the entire device is metal.

The iPhone’s casing is entirely metal, and Samsung is even releasing their new smartphone called the Galaxy A7, which will contain a metal frame also.

The second model of the phone will look a lot like the popular Galaxy Note Edge that’s well known for its curved screen on one edge. On the Note, which was released late 2014, the curved screen was independent from the primary screen, containing shortcuts and important notifications. It’s likely the curved model of the Samsung Galaxy S6 will function the same. BI did not note if both versions will contain metal casing or not.

Samsung’s huge changes in the Galaxy S6 likely comes from the S5 sales, which were rather unimpressive. During Q3 2014, several months after the phones release, sales were 40 percent below expectation. This holiday season also showed that 51 percent of mobile products activated were Apple. Though Samsung came in second, they attained only 17.7 percent of activations.

It seems like curved screens are the next big features in our electronic products. Several mobile phones are coming with curved edges since the Note Edge was released. Curved TVs are gaining more popularity, and now, Samsung is releasing the first curved PC. Samsung is moving with the trend.

Hopefully they can get sales back up.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 will be revealed at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) show this March. They will also reveal their smartwatch to keep up with the current wearables trend.

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