The Hype Surrounding Apple Pencil

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Apple had a host of new products and software updates at its event on Sep 9th. One of it is the, well aptly and simply named Apple Pencil.


In addition to unveiling the new iPad, Apple introduced the world to its precision input device. By leveraging the touch input of the new, gorgeous and big 12.9 inch iPad Pro, the Pencil is designed to let the user feel instantly comfortable with the instrument while using it to make more finer, precise details. The iPad Pro has been designed to distinguish between the finger and the pencil. Once it detects the pencil, the subsystem scans it at a remarkable 240 times per second, giving it twice as many data points as the finger.

Another cool feature is the highly sensitive sensors built within the tip of the Pencil to detect position, force and tilt. By calculating the exact orientation and angle of the hand, the Pencil can be used to produce broader or finer strokes. It also can be used simultaneously with the finger. A lightning connecter can be used to charge it by simply connecting it to the iPad Pro. And according to Apple, 15 seconds of charge has you set for 30 minutes of use. Now, how cool is that ?

Its no surprise that the Apple Pencil finds itself with a ton of fans with heavy enterprise pro users and creative designers, but this stylized stylus is making waves in the medical field. Case in point, Irene Walsh, who heads design at 3D4Medical and demonstrated the use of the Pencil for their app Essential Anatomy 5. Apple is already making strides in the medical field with HealthKit, ResearchKit, and the Apple Watch.The Pencil with the snazzy iPad Pro only makes their case stronger.

And to sum it up, we could not have said it any better than Apple. “Completely familiar. Entirely revolutionary.”

Note: Yes, Apple does know that Steve Jobs had famously criticized devices that needed a stylus.

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