Improve Your Employer Brand and Attract More Candidates

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Are you struggling to attract top talent to your open job positions? Have you been advertising open positions for months with no success?  It could be that you’re not paying close enough attention to your employer brand.  Your company’s employer brand is one of the most important communications with job candidates and you could be doing it all wrong.

Improve Your Messaging, Improve Your Employer Brand

Your employer brand is what you communicate to potential employees and job applicants.  It is your company’s promotion of its culture, values, and ideas.  If you don’t have a strong sense of who your company is, how is a candidate supposed to know?  Many companies think they can attract top candidates simply by writing a job description and posting it online.  The truth is that unless you’ve already got a strong employer brand, candidates likely won’t be flocking to you.  You’re going to have to work for it.

91% of candidates say that what makes them join one company versus another is the employer brand.  If the average job seeker spends little more than 47 seconds evaluating a job posting, this means you need to improve your messaging to capture their attention.  The problem is many employers write boring and dry job descriptions that don’t really communicate much about an organization.  Or worse, the description is vague and impersonal.  When a candidate reads the job description they have no sense of the company, the position, or what working on the team would be like.  Is it any wonder these companies aren’t attracting top talent?  In this age of information, to withhold contextual information is doing an employer a disservice.

Offer Deeper Insight

So what are candidates really looking for?  Insight.  Job seekers are looking for more than the bare essentials of the job.  They want the whole enchilada, the full candidate experience. The most successful companies right now are providing deeper insight into their companies and taking the candidate on a journey towards being hired.

Consider the example of a team like Zappos.  Now there’s a company with a strong employer brand!  They know how to reach candidates with engaging messaging.  As a result, they also attract top talent. So what are they doing differently?  Zappos, like many other successful employers, are communicating a strong employer brand to potential employees.  When a job seeker comes across their postings, they know what the position is about, they know what the company culture is like, and they can click on a link to view the team they might be working with.  Talk about elevating your candidate experience! Take a page from Zappos and start communicating more than just the job duties to candidates.

One great way to offer deeper insight is with video interviews.  Video interviews can offer branded environments to candidates and welcome videos.  Hiring managers can film a video to highlight the company culture and offer more insight into the team.  66% of candidates who take video interviews actually prefer them to phone screenings or in-person interviews.  This immersive experience leaves a lasting impression with candidates that they won’t soon forget.

Start communicating a strong employer brand to your candidates.  Don’t lose top talent to your competitors anymore.

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