Let Go…Delegate

2 min read · 7 years ago


As a young officer the mere thought of delegating was insulting to me. My perception of delegation was that it meant you were a lazy, weak or incompetent leader. How would anyone see my competence if everyone else was doing the work? The full credit for the work needed to go to me, after all I was in charge and responsible for everything.

Looking back it was a ridiculous mindset, but hey, let’s chalk it up to being 22-years old.

The reality is that by completing every task alone, it caused me sheer exhaustion, while my soldiers were rested and bored.

Finally, my Platoon Sergeant told me to begin to trust the leaders within my platoon and they would be effective when given tasks. With a lot of apprehension I let go and began to assign tasks to my squad leaders. The result, the work got done and I began to trust that they could handle more. Before long I initiated a full-blown “delegation spree.”

So, what’s my point?

The greatest lesson learned during that time was that, by not delegating, nothing was getting accomplished. When I began to delegate everything was taken care of.

Delegation empowered my squad leaders and developed my coaching and mentoring skills.

Ultimately, it was a great decision they were empowered, and I was no longer exhausted.

It was a win for all of us!

One final thought…

If you are stressed out and exhausted it’s time to relinquish control, trust your staff and start to delegating…TODAY.

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