The Marketing Trends That Will Drive Your Business in the Next 5 Years

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As any good marketer will testify, the requirements for a successful and engaging marketing campaign constantly change in line with social, technological and economic trends.

This is an issue that was discussed recently in an article published by Jeff Beer on Fast Company Create, which revealed 25 pivotal trends that will influence marketers in the next five years.  Understanding these trends is crucial, as it affords your brand a unique opportunity to create relevant and impactful campaigns that drive sales conversions and awareness in equal measure.

3 Key Marketing Trends for the Next 5 years

With this in mind, let’s take a look at three of the most prominent trends that will define marketing over the course of the next five years. These include: 

Readers are No Longer Content with Reading and Listening

While modern marketing guidelines dictate that all published copy must be relevant and engaging, brands should strive to create diverse and media-rich content wherever possible. Readers are no longer content simply to read, listen and view images, as they seek out an immersive and interactive visual experience that adds value. This explains why YouTube peaks at over two billion views a day, and brands that fail to recognize audio-visual platforms run the risk of struggling to convert online visitors. So be sure to access free resources such as YouTube and Vimeo and use video content to augment written copy and blog posts.

Social is the Next Internet

Once a niche sector, social has already emerged as an integral part of the broader marketing discipline. This trend will continue as the impact and reach of social media grows stronger, with a rising number of brands likely to transition all of their marketing efforts across social channels. This has been a gradual but relentless evolution, as paid advertising and tiered service have been made available through sites such as Facebook and Twitter. With resources such as Facebook also having the potential to create its own search engine in the years to come, social media will eventually provide an integrated and diverse platform that serves as a single-minded marketing channel.

Thought Leadership will become the Crucial Entry Point into Relationships

While you can take a great deal of time ensuring that your brand develops an integrated social media platform and successfully utilizes the power of mobile, this means little if your messaging or content fails to engage customers. After all, you can reach billions of potential customers all around the world through social and mobile platforms, but this means little if there is a lack of consistency, transparency or integrity surrounding your brand. This is why thought leadership will continue to emerge as the single most important entry-point into a relationship between consumers and brands, as the demand for honest and purposeful interaction continues to rise. So not only must your brand add and offer value, but it must also be able to communicate this in an authentic and consistent manner.

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