10 Reasons to Get Personal With Meerkat and Periscope in Your Social Media Strategy

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periscope meerkat social media strategyAs Meerkat and Periscope get into their never ending tight race, we sit back and look at how social marketers can use mobile live-streaming apps to take their strategies to the next level.

Marketing has transitioned from paper and media to the web, in the form of carefully studied text. How about spontaneous material that brings you the closest you’ve ever been to your customers?

At the core of every social media strategy is winning the heart of your audience and now there’s a better way to do it. Mobile live streaming apps are not just the latest social media trend but they present a significant development in communication, bringing people seriously closer.

How does it work? You click to stream yourself live, then viewers can comment as it is all happening- distance turns into a myth.

Meerkat Periscope

I should probably spare you the holistic tone and start listing the 10 practical reasons why mobile live streaming app should be in your social media management:

1. Louder Promotion

We’ve read and heard it all. Despite the impressive creativity of commercial videos, there is something spicy in streaming live. The thrill of catching the promotion in time just got bigger.

By tightening your deadline for giveaways to moments, you might find herds of viewers rushing in to grab the one and only prize in time. More excitement brings a higher form of attention.

2. Conversational Customer Care

It naturally enhances the personal touch you work hard to maintain. Communication becomes faster and more conversational than ever. Whether managing concerns or updating news, it’s the fastest, realest way to get the message across.

3. Character Brand Building

Anything live means it’s going to feel more real. Live streaming encourages viewers to relate giving them little time to reflect and just enough time to feel. All of these fundamental characteristics help you shape the personality and identity of your brand.

4. Literal Online Presence

Your presence grows not only in the number of posts but also in intensity. The power of being present in the same moment with your viewers allows them to get a stronger feel of who you are and what you can mean to them.

5. Smarter Customer Research

Get to know your customers through trial feedback or a brief survey question they can answer in a fun and easy way. The informality of live streaming brings you closer, capturing honest responses and deeper analysis that no longer only come in text but now in body language and environment. All this allows you to understand your current and potential customers better.

6. Amplified Strategy

Gaining higher awareness allows you to 1) creatively put it to use in your strategy generating more leads 2) improve marketing practice encouraging loyalty and retention.

7. Emotional Intelligence

The core is the audience and at his or her core are emotions. This is primarily what marketing strives to conquer. If a message does not reach the audience on a meaningful level, it will likely never be mentioned or remembered again. Live streaming can help increase the chances of impact.

8. Product Familiarity

Regular snippets of your product or service demos increases the general familiarity and gives viewers the feel that they already know how to use it.

9. Sharing Office Parties

They are now invited to your party without crashing your place! Share your happiest moments with the team as they happen and watch everyone identify more and cheer you with a beer.

10. Easy Engagement

This is probably the biggest point, it becomes easier and faster to express and react. Overall communication is improved which remains the building element of all your relationships.

Live streaming collapses a heavy barrier between the business representative and customer who become two individuals sharing a moment. Users will find your product or service a deeper personal experience. It also heightens sensitivity for strategic awareness, allowing for a better understanding of the image you want to bring across.

As with anything, an increase in exposure means increased caution. Take into account your audience’s reaction and before encouraging employees to broadcast on your company’s behalf, there should be a thorough understanding of your brand personality and its targeting in order to secure the best and most successful practice.

Here’s more on how you can use Periscope and Meerkat:

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