Facebook Breaches European Law’s Privacy Norms, as Per Reports

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As per the latest findings or presumptions, the Belgian privacy wing concludes that Facebook on the whole violates the data protection norms, even after the January update. The social networking firm makes use of the customer data in a miscalculated manner as touted by the European law.

This act of violation comes soon after the privacy update which was stacked in barely a month back. Reports suggest that the update merely extended the arena concerning the practices and policies but achieved nothing in terms of protecting user data. The studies were conducted by the ‘Centre of Interdisciplinary Law’ and the Facebook SRR happens to be lagging in terms of fixing the violations which were prevalent in 2013.

As per the suggestive claims, Facebook dishes out profiling options for the third-party advertisements without a valid consent. This legal intricacy has been taken quite seriously by the administrative body as the social networking stalwart fails to adhere to the varied control mechanisms. User-generated write-ups or content have been the worst hit areas in this regard.

It has been believed that Facebook isn’t the most user-friendly option around as the consumers need to navigate through the intricate settings for identifying the opt-outs. Concerns remain centered towards the Social Ads or the behavioral settings.

Another inadequacy happens to be the lack of location hiding and one can stop the same only at the Smartphone level, in case of app based access. In terms of sponsored stories, users aren’t offered many choices for changing the appearance or for sharing the preferred location data.

As per the article 5(3), any social networking firm needs to inform the user beforehand and take the consent while accessing or even storing some info on the user device.

Facebook however remained firm on its stand and met ‘Bart Tommelein, Belgian Privacy Minister ‘for discussing on the same and identifying the existing loopholes. The Dutch protection authority is still probing into the Article 29 and urges Facebook to delay the latest rollout as of now.

If the Facebook spokesperson is to be believed, the company is hell bent upon addressing the abnormalities catered along with the updated policies and terms. Newer product features are also rolled in and the user control over the advisements has also been extended.

It can be further inferred that Facebook doesn’t pack in many choices in terms of “adequate information”, inhibiting the available options. This issue might pull down the Facebook stock prices a fair bit in days to come, but with the technical knowhow at the disposal, the company will soon bounce back with revamped artillery.

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