Top Ten Tips on Successful Mobile Marketing

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As the usage of mobiles and mobile internet services demand pick up speed, marketers need to keep themselves on their toes regarding the implementation of mobile marketing. Mobile marketing is changing the way marketing is being carried out. Some of the advantages it provides include bringing down the costs you incur on marketing, easier to monitor and track, easy to tune to your requirements, using lesser resources and manpower and making the business more streamlined and efficient.

Yet many aspiring businesses and even established ones are not leveraging the power of mobile marketing to the fullest extent. It is important for you to know how to best make the best use of your investment in mobile marketing and ensure that you are among the choices of customers when they choose to review products using their shop. After all, the customer base is booming with the users including a considerable number of students impacted by mobiles. Here are some suggestions which will help you make the right decisions in this direction and boom! Before you know it, your mobile marketing will bring you the deserved rewards.

Use effective keywords
The use of correct keywords is as critical to successful mobile marketing as it is to content marketing. Ensure that you choose the correct kind of keywords which is appropriate to the business and to the produce being targeted.

Identify your audience
When strategising for your mobile marketing efforts, identify and understand your customers and their preferences. Creating a strategy which is not matching with the audience would be a severe waste of time, energy and resources

Ensure that your e-mail is mobile-compatible and customised
Since most interactions occur through e-mail, it is essential that your email is customised to your marketing efforts. Statistics show that that 26.7 % of e-commerce sales occurred through mobile phones. Thus, e-mail has become a very important response system for the management of sales. And a smart marketer has to know how to mobilise it effectively. Ways to deliver interesting messages to customers via e-mail can help them keep engaged and motivated to purchase it from you.

Build your audience
No matter that your marketing strategies are being tailored for the small screen, as a marketer, you have to never stop focussing on building your audience. Whether it is through social media approaches or through e-mails or lists, you need to engage in building up a follower, fan and subscriber collection so that you can have sufficient audience to make your marketing efforts worthwhile.

Ensure that your landing pages can be accessed directly
Searching for a product is time consuming and frustrating on a mobile and hence, people often resort to shopping directly from website. To make shopping easier, ensure that your landing pages are optimised for mobile and show up properly and customers can access the shopping cart without major delays and hassles. This will go a long way in helping enhance your mobile marketing strategy.

Mobile technology
Ensure that your mobile strategy is using the best possible platform as well as it is designed to incorporate the use of various apps and sms marketing. SMS marketing is a very important part of a marketer’s arsenal

Customised content
Effective content is the key to all successful marketing efforts on the web and hence, there must be a definite strategy to ensure that mobile –friendly content is created. Some things which can be kept in mind include keeping the content bite-size so that it can be chunked and visualised effectively by customers on the small screen. This will ensure that this material can be disseminated easily using mobile apps or messaging tools. It is better to keep mobile customised websites as simple as possible. This will prevent loading and access issues as well as consumption of data.

Call for Action
Just setting up a mobile platform for customers to browse through products is not enough. Focussed marketing efforts must ensure that there has to be a call-to-action at every point. This call to action may mean a link to more details on the product, a request to subscribe or sign-up or anything which can get them linked to you and take it forward.

Watch out for new technologies which enhance your mobile marketing
New Technologies can really help you take your mobile marketing efforts to a different level. For example, Near Field Communications involves the use of technology which allows the mobile phone to be used to swipe across a sensor to make payments. This is something which can really save a lot of trouble for customers, who otherwise may have to depend on manually swiping their debit cards.

Play with website designs
Experiment, explore and innovate with your website and landing page designs to get the best possible one made for your mobile marketing. It will definitely be one big factor which will engage and convert potential customers to confirmed ones.

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