Great Plans Make Great Webinars [Infographic]

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At ON24, we have a pretty simple philosophy: every webinar should be fantastic. After all, there’s nothing better for driving leads, engaging prospects and accelerating the sales process. So why doesn’t every webinar hit all those goals? Marketing webinars may not be rocket science, but they definitely require a little extra care if they’re going to live up to your expectations.


Behind the best webinars, you’ll find a unified team. That team usually looks something like this:

  • The producer, who is responsible for making sure the technical components of the event run smoothly.
  • The promoter, who gets the word out through banner ads, email, social media and other relevant channels.
  • The presenter, who builds the presentation deck and practices delivering an engaging webinar.

Great webinars also need concrete goals. Is this an upper-funnel event, or are you trying to drive a select group of prospects over the line to purchase? What is your target demographic and what would they be interested in learning? How many leads does the event need to generate to count as successful? Once you have your team and they have agreed on the answers to those questions, you’re ready to get started.

Ultimately, the difference between a blockbuster event and a flop almost always comes down to planning. The webinars that don’t succeed are the ones that had poorly defined goals, vague messaging or careless promotional efforts. But when your team rallies around a clear action plan, then you’ve got an event worth bragging about.

To help you plan and deliver better webinars, we put together this infographic on the 10 Steps to Planning a Successful Webinar. If you still have questions, download the full white paper and get more in-depth tips and best practices for perfect webinar planning.

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