3 Proven Ways Your Brand Can Use Customer Photos

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At Pixlee, it’s our job to help brands improve their marketing with user-generated content (UGC). We’ve worked with 200+ brands to collect and promote their UGC in plenty of innovative ways. We’ve also measured each and every customer campaign we’ve run—and know what works and what doesn’t. The data is clear; Shoppers that interact with a customer photo are 2x more likely to purchase. But there are concrete ways to optimize your UGC program for the best results.

Here we offer 3 proven tactics to help your business spread brand awareness and encourage brand engagement with UGC.

1. Owned Media

Place UGC on your brand’s owned media and ecommerce storefronts. We’ve seen customers use customer photos on their homepage, blog, product pages, and more. Customers love being recognized by the brands they love and support. It’s a symbiotic relationship—you validate your consumer and they validate your brand. Highlighting customer photos on your website generates more content and conversation around your products and brand.  In fact, displaying real customer visual reviews on product pages can increase overall site conversion up to 6%. In order to ensure your program’s success, make sure to drive consumers to a specific Call-to-Action (CTA)—whether that be an ask to visit your product pages, an ask to submit their on-brand photos, or an ask to make a reservation for your restaurant.

2. Advertising

Leverage your highest performing user content in advertisements to bolster your advertising campaign. We’ve seen customers place their most successful UGC on billboards, magazines, digital advertisements, and flyers. Your highest performing UGC is a limitless pool of content that resonates strongly with potential customers. By featuring customer photos in advertising campaigns—your brand can avoid ad fatigue and keep your retargeting campaigns fresh. We’ve found that using customer photos in display ads can increase click-through rates to product pages over 20%. Remember to budget ahead for strategic paid promotion throughout the campaign lifespan and anticipate where you might want to place UGC ads outside of your owned media.

3.  Print and Packaging

Extend the value of UGC past digital by placing UGC on packaging. Package inserts can be a cost effective and versatile medium for building relationships with your customers. We’ve seen customers place UGC on handouts, packaging, discount offers, product samples, and personalized thank you cards. Another great tactic is to upsell with package inserts. A customer’s purchase familiarizes you with the customer’s preferences– use that insight to make targeted cross-sell inserts incorporating UGC.

There’s tremendous value in engaging your customers with your brand through user generated content. It’s one of the easiest ways to increase brand awareness—but the value add doesn’t stop there. Businesses that use content collected from their customers on their marketing channels see higher conversion, click-through rates, average order values, and engagement. By marketing with UGC, you can maximize your brand’s ROI on social and build lasting customer relationships.

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