New Sony Walkman Unveiled At CES 2015

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Sony walkman

At the International Consumer Electronic Show (CES 2015), it was assumed by the public that a new Sony Walkman would be unveiled. The public’s suspicions were proven correct with the reveal of the Sony Walkman ZX2. The new Sony Walkman ZX2 is designed for high-end audiophiles exclusively. Sony describes the new Sony Walkman to be “the fruit of continuous refinement in high quality technologies.”

The design for the Sony Walkman ZX1 was well received by the public. There is also support for the design of the Sony Walkman ZX2. One of the design features that was well-received is the texture of its matte black casing.

Also, the placement of playing buttons was perceived to be good design. The playback buttons were carved into its curved side – this allowed the users to hold the player and naturally, their fingers were curled right onto the play, pause, and rewind buttons easily.

One surprising thing is that the Sony Walkman is heavier than you would initially expect. However, Ross Miller of The Verge positively claims the added weight is because “it’s solid”.

It should also be duly noted that distinctive gold-toned headphone jack is wider than the frame and adjacent to the microSD slot, for audiophiles who need more than 128GB of built-in storage.

It is important to understand that the Sony Walkman ZX2 is not an all-in-one device. The device operates in “primitive” Android – more specifically, 4.2 Jelly Bean, which was originally introduced in November 2012. While, you should be aware that you can download and play apps from Google Play – it’s more important that this Sony Walkman isn’t supposed to be able to run as fast or as multifaceted as today’s smartphones.

Despite running old Android software, the device’s most important function is for the optimal audio experience as it supports files like DSD, WAV, AIFF, Apple Lossless, and many more. In addition it supports Bluetooth for wireless streaming and NFC for one-touch connection and headphones.

The Sony Walkman ZX2 is expected to be launched in spring 2015 at the price of $1,199.99.

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