Generate More Sales With Your Blogging

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Blogging Sales Strategies

Tips to Generate More Sales with Your BloggingWould you like more conversions from your blogging?

Blogging for business and authors has the potential to create more opportunity to grow your following and convert leads into sales. Generating income from your content is easier than you might think. There are a few key strategies that will help to bring more eyes to your website.

Advertising is no longer enough for blogs to sustain themselves. This is a very limited practice, and only provides a small piece of the potentially lucrative pie. When a brand is able to provide its own products or service that is where the most benefit flows from. There are several ways to accomplish this:

  • Offer a one-time deal – This could be a special promotion such as a special report or a limited time product. With a time limit in place people are more apt to flock to what you have to offer before it’s gone.
  • Create a series or line of products – Authors can especially benefit from creating a series of books that their audience can look forward to. Businesses and brands who provide a specific product or service offering can use these sales to build into more ideas for the future. Here’s a great example of this from Neal Schaffer’s blog, Maximize Your Social:

Maximize Your Social Books: Tips to Generate More Sales with Your Blogging

  • Create a members only program – Once your blog has a healthy list of subscribers consider creating special content, products or services for members only at a monthly fee. This can be done with the help of programs like LeadPages, and have the potential to create a steady stream of income month after month.

Once the decision is made on how to generate sales from your blog it’s time to create a strategy. The first step is of course a professional landing page with an offer to subscribe. Second, you should have an active and dedicated following on major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and YouTube. These places will be a point of conversation and the sharing of content in a way that does not directly sell to your audience. Once you find their pain points and meet the needs of your market your products or services will be sought after.

Follow up with your leads and subscribers with the help of email marketing tools such as Aweber, Infusionsoft, and MailChimp. It’s important to nurture these prospects, and create free offers, tips and advice, and special announcements. After a while these people will become your ambassadors, which makes conversion into sales far easier than just introducing something for the first time.

After putting these elements into place it’s important to focus on the content of your blog, and ensuring that it is relevant to your target market and optimized with the right mix of keywords that search engines will be attracted to. Original, organic articles that stand out from the rest with new and fresh ideas will bring more eyeballs to your website.

If you are just starting out in building a new blog or amplifying an existing one the best place to begin is target market research, and generating a list of keywords and terms that can help produce a well-defined content marketing plan. This might take some digging on your part of other articles that are similar, and then placing your own spin on these that will meet the needs of your audience. Tap into freelance resources to help build a solid foundation of articles on your website that you can build on.

Once the steady flow of blogging is established it will be important to remain active on social media and stay in communication with your subscribers in order to attract more buyers to your products and services. The key is to remain consistent and offer something of real value that your audience will love and want to come back for more.

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