When a Business Card is More Than a Business Card

3 min read · 9 years ago


What does your business card mean to you? More importantly, what does your business card mean to potential customers? Many companies treat business cards as little more than their namesakes; that is to say, cards that simply list personal and business contact information. To me, this is a waste of effort and an incredibly uninspired mindset. If you want to print business cards that actually help you land business – rather than land in the trash can – you need to adopt a different approach. The following details when a business card is more than a business card and how you can take advantage of business card printing to foster new customer relationships.

When a Business Card is More Than a Business Card image Business CardWhen a Business Card is More Than a Business Card

1. When it adds value

Business cards that add value are far more likely to be accepted, kept, and repeatedly noticed than those that do not. You can add value to your business card by including a calendar, handy conversion chart, sports schedule, or other information your customers will use.

2. When it promotes a special

Turn the back of your business card into a coupon or print a coupon code on your business card to offer a time-limited special. Special offers are a great way to make your business cards more valuable and encourage both new and repeat business.

3. When it rises to the occasion

Business cards are incredibly cheap to print, which is why it can pay to print special business cards for major events, unique situations, and niche customers. You could, for example, print a business card that promotes a certain product at a specific trade show, print another business card that’s perfect for handing out at family holidays, and print yet another business card to hand to, say, your female customers. Naturally, I don’t think you should keep 10 different business cards on-hand at all times, but having two or three for different situations can help you be a more powerful and relevant networker.

4. When it brands your company

Yes, you know your business card should be unique so as to help brand your company. I’m guessing that means you have your own unique logo. But consider other ways your business card can brand your company. An uncoated business card, for example, might lend a sense of prestige; a slim business card might represent your new-age, tech appeal; or a jumbo square business card might tell customers you’re larger than life.

5. When it’s interactive

Consider printing business cards that engage your customer base with interactive features. QR codes, Augmented Reality, links to your website, social media, newsletter subscription, or YouTube pages can all prove to be valuable methods for recruiting new customers.

The next time you want to update your business cards (as in, right now), consider ways to make your business card more than, well, a business card. Doing so can help you make a bigger and more memorable impact on potential customers and, ultimately, grow your business.

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