Business Maker Launch Empowers Budding Small Business Owners

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Yahoo Small Business has taken the confusion and guesswork out of starting a small business, clearing the way for new entrepreneurs to confidently take their ideas to market and start finding customers. With today’s  launch of Business Maker, small business owners will now embark on a guided journey as they start and grow their ventures through a unified dashboard that is personalized for their needs.  This mobile-first platform walks small business owners through an intuitive step-by-step process and highlights logical next steps for launch and growth.

Business Maker moves away from the concept of an app marketplace, which typically creates more work for business owners as they have to review multiple solutions to every problem, create multiple accounts and learn a variety of interfaces just to start managing their solutions. Instead, Business Maker customers are guided on their path to success, with products recommended specifically for them, based on factors that include their industry, their stage of growth and their goals. Business owners also get assistance via to-do lists, content, and expert advice which all helps them efficiently manage the products and focus more attention on actually running their business. 

Yahoo Small Business has partnered with industry-leading software products that businesses need, and has integrated them into Business Maker to  allow a seamless exchange of data in a secure and reliable environment. With the options for free trials and customizable plans at competitive prices, Business Maker equips small businesses with essential tools to run their business efficiently and securely. 

Key Platform Features & Benefits

  • Unified Dashboard:  A single dashboard to view and manage all the products in a centralized location accompanied by  analytics 
  • Industry leading solution providers: A growing ecosystem of hand-picked partners for best in class solutions
  • Simple billing: Customers get a single bill for all  products purchased through Business Maker. 
  • Single sign-on: Customers can access all their Business Maker products with one login ID. 
  • Support: 24/7 support is available via phone and through content in product.

Who should use Business Maker

Whether you are a first time entrepreneur thinking of starting a business , a seasoned business owner looking to upgrade to new digital systems or a brick and mortar business trying to increase your visibility, Business Maker will help speed your journey and reach your goal. The following products are currently integrated within Business Maker:

Online Presence

Web site with Business Maker

Having an online presence is critical for any small business; a professional website helps store your business information online, drive traffic and convert sales, boost credibility, and more. YSB’s Online Presence package includes an easy to use Website Builder, a free Domain and 5 email boxes.

Legal Package

This product enables small businesses to legally incorporate their business. Customers can quickly transform their idea into a business via our reliable, fast and simple process. Our trusted partner, Legalinc will file all the paperwork; it takes less than 20 minutes to fill out the questionnaire. The following services are included:

  • LLC, C-corp or nonprofit
  • Federal Tax ID (EIN)
  • Business license report
  • Registered Agent service

Point of Sale

YSB’s home-grown mobile Point of Sale solution enables customers to take multiple forms of payments (credit, debit and cash) anywhere and anytime. An intuitive user interface designed to enable efficiency, combined with the security and trust of PayPal’s payment processing capability, will enable customers to easily manage their inventory and catalog and perform checkout and easy returns


Localworks gives a small business the ability to increase visibility of their business and to stand out from the competition with easily managed profiles in more than 60 top online directories. Customers can enhance listings with photos, videos, menus; easily create promotions and drive more traffic. Centralized analytics and monitoring tools help measure performance of the listings

Business Plan Creator

The quick and easy Business Plan creator helps a customer plan their business and stay on top of things. It enables a small business to think through every aspect of the business and helps them make sound decisions throughout the lifecycle of the business. 

And this is just the start. Our product portfolio for Business Maker will continue to grow and address the growing needs of a small business, with new products and services planned to be added in the coming months.

How to Get Started

Begin your journey with us by completing a short onboarding questionnaire and get your personalized product recommendations. You have the choice of selecting a recommended bundle of products or build your own or a free trial. Pick an option,  checkout and begin using Business Maker!

We will continue to enhance our product portfolio with new products and services; meanwhile we hope you enjoy using Business Maker.  We are excited to have you start your journey with us – ready, start, grow!

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