DJI’s Inspire 1 Drone Delivers 4K Video Recording To CES 2015

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CES is full of drones. Everywhere I turn there is another exhibit hovering some type of flying craft above my head. The team at DJI has attempted to set themselves apart from the pack with a complete package that includes a 4K video camera that can capture views at 360° while allowing for dual-operator control alongside a vision positioning system.

The Inspire 1 creates incredibly smooth videos from a camera mount extension that is located directly below the devices main body. That placement makes 360° views possible. The Desire 1 also features the ability to capture 12-megapixel photos with a 7-shot per second burst mode. The Desire 1 even features Adobe DNG RAW support.


If you want to fly with a friend, the Inspire 1 offers dual-operator controls which helps create camera shots that are not possible with one flier. One operator controls the drone, while the other controls the camera.


The company has also included vision position which means your drone holds its place, even when GPS is not available. The sensors inside the drone determine your drones locations and altitude and lower the legs automatically when landing.

The DJI Inspire 1 can fly for 18 minutes per charge with a 2 kilometer communication range.

The drone also offers a fully-featured app that provides live HD views in real-time, along with dynamic home point controls when GPS is not available, and one tap landing and take off functions. The app also includes flight telemetry for altitude, flight speed, directional information, and more. To ensure that your drone makes it back to your location safely other heads up display features include a remaining battery indicator.

Inspire 1 Drone Controls

If you prefer to create your own controls, those are also completely customizable for both camera operators and drone fliers. You can also use the live map to find your drone in real-time.

I’m a fan of drones and the DJI Inspire 1 flew with smooth controls in the hands-on demo I witnessed. The camera moved fluidly and the drone remained perfectly in sync with the main controller.


If taking amazing 4K footage with your drone is important for you, I highly recommend checking out the DJI Inspire 1.

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