There’s Only One Way to Have It All

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What is a marketers delight? Pain.

Well, it isn’t so much the pain itself but the fact that you have a pain and the marketer has a solution that is delightful to both them and you.

The prospect of “having it all” has piqued the interests of the modern many. Someone once told me I have notoriously high expectations and then another person seconded the motion. I took it as a compliment. Yet, even someone like myself who clearly aims for the highest of heights is willing to admit the unthinkable….

There is no such thing as having it all.

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At least by the modern definition of “having it all,‘’ meaning quenching every aspect of our thirst for being both home and away, paid a salary as though we were working 80 hours a week whilst working only four. We want inexpensive food to it be healthy. We want holidays and dinner parties and time off but don’t want to pay for it with a reduction in expected salary or bottom line results. We want to ignore the job description of CEO and work five days a week 9 to 5, make it to yoga, drive a convertible instead of a minivan, attend every kids’ concert and own a private plane. Or, maybe that is just me.

Here’s the trick to having it all. Get ready, it is a mind blower.

You have to know what the heck "it all” is. Step one. Then, you have to get real and look at which things you say you want that do not jive with other things.

Imagine every single thing you want on your “it all" list to be a song, set to a tempo. Now, press play on them all at the same time. How does it sound?

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Harmony is reached when you have contented compromise. When you take the time to design your life. I’ll call it “have it all couture.” It is not one size fits all. It is divine because every stitch, every note, every notoriously high expectation is custom crafted to fit together and to fit with what you want.

Having it all isn’t nearly as hard as we all want to make it seem. We’d hate to put marketers out of business.

Admitting what we really want it what is hard…..that is why most of us default for the American dream because it is prescribed on mass to make us feel our best, happy, content, to make us get up out of bed in the morning and love our life. The question is, how is that prescription working for you?

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