GoPro Goes Beyond Extreme Sports

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Close your eyes and think about everything you know about GoPro. You might imagine dolphins, or deep sea divers, or exotic fish flashing by in miraculously choreographed schools, or simply swimming in clear blue tropical waters and looking at coral reefs. Maybe you’re high up in the sky, falling precipitously from an airplane, speeding down a curvy mountain pass on a motorbike, or surfing through a perfect curl. Maybe you’re seeing it all at once in a montage because GoPro, as the company’s Founder and CEO Nicholas Woodman puts it, wants “to create experiences and realities that expand our world and inspire those around us.”

And yet, if your imagination stops and starts within the world of extreme sports, where GoPro first made its mark, you’re missing a huge part of what makes YouTube so powerful.

Redefining Adventure

GoPro is, quite simply, everywhere. If you’re unlucky enough to endure a stop-and-go morning commute, you’ve likely seen a cyclist (motorized or pedaling) fly by you in traffic, with that unmistakable camera mounted to the top of their helmet, as you sit and stare at the crawling queue of red brake lights. But, maybe there’s something about being stuck in traffic that’s as interesting as a skydive. Maybe you should have a GoPro camera too, ready to capture every moment. After all, a family drive is a kind of adventure too.

“Enabling you to share your life through incredible photos and videos is what we do,” says Woodman about his company. Yet, lives do not have to be extreme to be interesting, and GoPro is catching on to this as they begin to expand beyond the high-wire, high-risk sporting footage that put them on the map. GoPro is beginning to see the market value of a more inclusive, everyday experience that most of us live each day.

If you could point to a video that exemplifies this transition for GoPro, look no further than this combination of what GoPro and YouTube do best together: capturing life’s milestones on video for posterity, albeit with that inevitable GoPro twist.

But as YouTube continues to grow, with hundreds of hours of content being created and shared every second, brands such as GoPro are watching, listening, and seeing how users of their products are even innovating how the company sees itself. Credit users like this couple for reimagining the traditional wedding video with their own GoPro HERO 3 and a bouquet.

Extreme Real Life

More and more, GoPro users are discovering that diving out of a plane might not be as interesting as finding out what exactly your dog does when you leave the house. Listen closely, and you’ll hear this dog owner’s friend ask, “Are you really leaving it [the camera] on him?”

Ask any parent and they’d likely nod in agreement that fatherhood is an extreme sport in a category all its own. For a toddler, a simple playground slide is every bit as daunting as a skydive. Most importantly, GoPro knows that these everyday moments are how most of us live and are increasingly including a family day at the park alongside expert stunts.

GoPro is also quickly expanding its line of camera mounts to help its users capture moments beyond the niche market of recreational thrill seekers, even offering options for musical instruments resulting in some surprising, low risk, high impact content.

The kitchen can be a dangerous place too. Who’d argue with this mother, telling her daughter as they scour the cupboard for supplies, “Baking’s a workout!”

And while no one would mistake a model train enthusiast for an extreme sports star, GoPro wisely sees the value in sharing user-created content that highlights the versatility of its cameras. More importantly, it is exactly this type of content that appeals to the vast majority of us who don’t base jump from skyscrapers. This content is more inclusive, helping the more timid among us to consider purchasing a GoPro to capture the less extreme moments of our everyday lives. Or, in this case, extreme hobbies.


GoPro has cornered the market on documenting the extreme adventures of regular people (and not so regular) hiking, biking, swimming, jumping, and living adventurous lives. As the brand inches closer to 1 billion total views on its official YouTube channel, while boasting over 3 million subscribers, the brand sees the benefit in expanding its reach to those of us who might be active in different ways than even the brand has imagined. Whether its users invent “bouquet cams” or want to see what their dog does while they’re away, GoPro has taken notice, announcing the creation of a new GoPro Licensing platform seeking to harness and capitalize on the all of the ingenious ways its users continue to discover (and reveal back to the company itself) the infinite ways digital video has the power to capture life as it is being lived.

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