Co-presenting a webinar? Here’s what you need to know

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Co presenting webinar BrightTALKCo-presenting a webinar with a partner or customer is an effective and fun way to spice up your content mix. By teaming up with another presenter, you’ll increase your registration and boost the gravitas of your webinar.

Even if your presenters are familiar with your webinar platform, it never hurts to conduct a platform training to help or remind your speakers of the nuts and bolts of the technology.

Keep in mind these five key questions when running one of these sessions.

What are the guidelines for the deck? Let your presenter know which format to use (PowerPoint, Keynote, etc.), and what size the slides should be. Typically, when presenting with a partner, you will use one branded deck. Send over the chosen template so they can start building their slides.

What will they need to access the presenters’ area? Make it as easy as possible for your speakers. Clearly state any logins, URLs, phone numbers, and PINs the speakers will need to access the backend of your platform.

How do they control the presentation? Show them how to start and end the webinar and advance slides. Decide in advance who will do this during the live session.

What materials do they want to include with the presentation? Decide what attachments to include for the audience to download or if you’d like to conduct any polls for the viewers to answer. Stuck? Try related blog posts or white papers or their company website.

How do they access engagement features? Show them how to use live engagement features, such as votes, attachment downloads, and rating. Make sure they  feel comfortable  with the platform’s presenter chat. They should also know how to view and organize incoming questions, even though the moderator should be  handling this portion of the presentation.

Once your speaker is familiar with your platform, you’ll want to do a couple dry runs before the live day.

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