Connecting With Others on LinkedIn

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Connecting with others on LinkedIn is another subject that I get asked about in all my workshops and LinkedIn profile optimization consultations.  It’s the issue of whether or not to Connect with people you do not know who send you a Connection Request.  I always say to connect with everyone unless there’s a reason not to. Here’s some reasons not to:

  • There is a personal reason not to accept the Invite – if someone is stalking you or has in any way had a negative relationship with you – this one if pretty obvious
  • It is a competitor that you simply do not feel comfortable connecting with on LinkedIn. In many cases competitors can be strategic partners.  If the competition is not in your local area then you might be able to help each other with sharing educational posts.  If your business is not bound by physical boundaries, you still might want to have a colleague that you can bounce ideas off.  So think about this one.
  • You are aware that this person has targeted your clients via LinkedIn or any other way – you can prevent Connections from seeing your other LinkedIn Connections – under your Profile Picture at the top right, go to Privacy & Settings and you will “Select Who Can See Your Connections”. You can choose Only You if you wish.
  • A prior employer – sometimes you might not want to Connect with them
  • Current employer if you are looking around for another job – be careful with this one as people are connected to people who may be Connected to you on LinkedIn.  Seems the old “6 degrees of separation” is now “4.74 degrees of separation

You can Block someone from seeing you on LinkedIn by simply going to their LinkedIn profile and Clicking on the arrow on the Blue Box – Send a message.  You will see down the list Block or report. Here’s the scoop on what LinkedIn Blocking does and doesn’t do.  Remember it does not apply to anything that you have made Public like posts or Comments in Groups.

Remember that LinkedIn is a global networking vehicle.  It is intended to grow your professional network; create strategic partnerships; give you the ability to gain potential clients and reinforce your professional stature and expertise.

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