Content Discovery Apps that Can Amplify Your Social Media and Content Marketing Efforts

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Content is king, and this is becoming all the more true now than ever before. Today, 40% of the world’s population is online and a large number of people are using social media to interact with brands.

A business or enterprise is not only judged by the quality of original content it can produce, but also by how often it can do so. However, the cold hard truth is that no business can constantly produce high quality content all the time. And yet, staying active on social media is the key to achieving a higher level of engagement on your social profiles.

When you are unable to create fresh content, using curated content is a great way to keep your social profiles active. This way, you can make sure that you continue to engage with your audience and your content team has more time to come up with original stuff.

However, to identify and curate the right content efficiently, you will need content discovery tools. There are plenty of content discovery tools out there that help make content marketing a less daunting task. Here is a quick list of some great content discovery apps that you can explore if you are considering content curation as a strategy for your content marketing efforts.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social lets you schedule and post content on the most popular social media sites, which include Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter  and Google+. It also offers social media analytics, which gives you insight into how your posts on these platforms are performing. There are three paid subscription plans for you to choose from, or you could opt for the free 30 day  trial before you decide to subscribe.

Just like its name, the content discovery tool publishes content in the form of scoops. allows you to design and create your own web page with interesting content or “scoops”. The tool offers great visibility along with engagement. It also makes content publishing very easy. produces relevant content based on keyword search. Once you program in certain keywords and interests, the platform begins searching for related content.

The tool has an extremely easy-to-use user interface and an inexhaustible list of options for customization. There is even a single-click publish button that allows you to share content across a host of platforms.


DrumUp is a simple, but intelligent content discovery tool that focuses on content management for your organization’s social media outlet. The tool uses advanced neuro-linguistic programming and learning algorithms to locate news and stories from the web that are relevant to a company’s social media audience. DrumUp allows users to input themes to ensure that relevant content is delivered to their audience. The tool searches for content based on the themes provided and queues it up for sharing through the user’s social media page on Twitter or Facebook. Users can also edit the keywords and themes whenever required and add customized content to the list of queued content.


Klout is a unique app/platform that tells you how influential the content creator is and how strong their reach is. It collects data from sources such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and measures them to create a ‘Klout Score’. The Klout Score ranges from 1 to 100 and a higher the score indicates that the content creator is more authoritative or influential. In other words, Klout makes it much easier for you to look out for quality content. Since, Klout works with social media platforms and makes it more convenient for your customers to engage with the content you share.


Swayy is a an extremely easy to use content discovery tool. It searches for content based on your specific input and delivers relevant results almost all the time. Content can either be shared immediately or at a later time. Around 50,000 pieces of content are reviewed and organized by Swayy on a daily basis. The app’s superb analytics help you find out what’s trending and what works.

As is the case with all web tools, content curation tools too offer unique benefits, and it is best that you try a few of them to see which one suits your requirement.

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