Content Marketing’s Secret Sauce [Infographic]

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Content Marketing Discontent?Secret Sauce

How would you rate your content marketing? Do you produce enough content? Frequently enough? Are you hitting your goals?

You’re not alone if you suspect the whole content marketing thing could be going more smoothly. According to a new infographic (below) from the team at Bloomfire, 70% of marketers say their content programs lack consistency and an overall strategy. More than two-thirds of marketers say they don’t have enough time to develop all the content they need.

Content’s Secret Sauce: Culture

One of the reasons that content marketing has become so popular is that it comes in response to market needs. Old-school marketing was about promotion, making sure that the company’s message got out to the market. Getting the message to the market is still critical but the market doesn’t want marketing. It now wants information, insights, and ideas.

Marketers need to create content to share value, show credibility, and drive engagement. The problem is, most content is developed by the marketing department. That content is likely good but it is limited in scope, variety, and resources. To create relevant and timely content, to ensure the best distribution of and reaction to that content, the whole company must be engaged.

The secret sauce to content a marketing five-fecta — content that is on target, goes viral, magically replenishes itself, drives leads, creates rabid fans — is all about the culture. A culture of content is one where as Ann Handley of MarketingProfs says, “Everyone writes.” Marketing may curate, edit, and format the final content, but the ideas, insights and information will be richer if they are sourced and shared using all the expertise and enthusiasm within a company.

What’s one thing you’ve done to enhance content marketing at your company? Please share.

INFOGRAPHIC: The Secret to Content Marketing


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