Developing A Powerful Corporate Story

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Corporate doesn’t have to be so corporate.

I coined that phrase when I started b-Mc creative and believe in it now more than ever.

Years ago when corporate video production began the concept was pretty simple, just talk about yourself. Granted, it is a lot of work and the bigger brands spend a lot of money producing these videos. But they generally fall along the lines of, what you do, what your goals are, what you service, what you build, and yes, how great you are.

Here are a few examples:

Another thing is that corporate videos try to portray this bigger than life persona with skyscrapers, landscapes, cityscapes, busy people, fast paced environments. The cameras are shooting upwards to show strength, and greatness.

But more often than not, they miss the mark because they don’t show people, faces, expressions, communities, passion, families.

Focusing on people, is the key to developing a successful corporate story. These stories can come in many forms. As long as you can engage your audience by speaking to them, not at them, and connect with them on a human level, not a corporate level, you will have a more positive brand perception.

Here’s an example of a video we produced about a recent partnership we entered into with two other firms.

Vastly different from the the other examples but effective because it’s people speaking about people, with small intricate stories that express their beliefs, passions, and dedication.

Corporate videos need to embrace the changing communication landscape and develop story lines that engage your audience, build relationships, and most importantly trust.

Most people don’t relate too, or frankly don’t care about how much money you make how many people you employ, how you are the leader in this or that. All of these talking points are what everyone else is saying so what’s separating you from the pack?

Everyone has a story, and that is what makes you unique, that is what makes you different, and that is what your audience will relate too the most.

I’ve produced a lot of corporate videos. During my career at Sportsnet I was asked to produce these videos for senior management to take on the road to help drum up advertising. The VP of Marketing would write the script, focusing on sports properties, ratings etc. Because the concept and layout was developed for me, I took it upon myself to enhance the corporate story by visually showcasing the driving force behind any sport, the fans.

Nothing pumps up a viewer more than seeing the excitement, passion, and dedication fans have for their teams.

Here’s another example. A corporate video I produced while at Sportsnet about baseball. The whole point of the video was to promote the 500 plus Major League Baseball games that will be broadcast on Sportsnet. But for me, it was about family, fathers, mothers, sons and daughters at the ball park. There’s nothing like spending that day together, under the blue skies at the little league game, or watching your favourite big league team, because “everyday is a perfect day for baseball”.

What are your thoughts on corporate video production? Do you agree that portraying the human side is more effective in engaging your audience?

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