How To Determine The Best Social Media Platform For Your Business

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With the hundreds of social media platforms available to your business, it’s hard to know where to start. Should you learn to be active on a platform you’re most comfortable with? Should you learn the platform your customers seem to like the most? If only there were an easy way to figure out where to start….

While it may never be second nature to you — after all your business is your passion, not social media! — it is possible to narrow your activity to a few choice platforms to maximize your ROI for your time. The key is to focus on your ideal customer and create content optimized for the social platforms that customer inhabits.How To Determine The Best Social Media Platform For Your Business image CSMPFirstEditionHow To Determine The Best Social Media Platform For Your Business

Choosing the Right Social Media Platform for Your Business

The Where Should You Spend Your Time info graphic divides your attention into several different demographics.

For starters, if you’re an Internet Business or a Brick & Mortar Business, you likely have different needs than a B2C Business or a B2B Business
In much the same way, a company seeking increased SEO will want to use a different platform than a company seeking to create Viral Content, or increase Product Sales or Services Sales.

And what about your target market? A company looking to target Children Ages 2-13 or Young Adults Ages 14-19 will no doubt need to be active on a different platform than those looking to influence New Adults ages 18-25, Professionals ages 25-50, or Seniors Ages 50+.

Why is it so important to identify each of these characteristics? Because each of them will influence whether your best time investment is blogging on your website, Google +, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Linked In.

Case Study: How Can My Online Business Get Viral Content to Young Professionals?

Let’s say you’re an online business looking to be develop more viral content for Professionals, in particular males in the age range of 27-35.

Because of how the average 27-35 year old male spends his time on the internet (that is, not sharing updates on Facebook or engaging on Google+), the best platform and strategy for this audience would be creative info graphics on a blogging platform that are then shared to Pinterest.

Why? Because Tumblr is more popular for teens, Facebook more popular for young adult women, and 27% of Twitter users are Young Adults. You wouldn’t be getting the best investment in your time by posting there.

So, Where Should You Post?

But for a Professional male performing a web search at work and at home, wondering how his suit should fit? The SEO on the blog is the number one source to access.

It’s also important to keep in mind that in the same study quoted above, 84% of U.S. Pinterest users are women. Translation? That’s a great audience to introduce to an amazing info graphic that is useful for that woman’s husband, partner, or friend, and share on Pinterest.

An Infographic in the Wild

A great example of finding success by choosing the right social media platform for your audience? Just take a look at Real Men Real Style’s break out infographic, “How a Man’s Suit Should Fit”.

Creating this useful, masculine infographic and sharing it on the highly-optimized blog, they made it easy to find and easy to share through Pinterest and for those performing a web search for “How a man’s suit should fit”. This combination created a maximum return that wouldn’t have happened if it were released on Twitter, Tumblr, or another cross-section of platforms.

How To Determine The Best Social Media Platform For Your Business image GCB2CAdHow To Determine The Best Social Media Platform For Your Business

Not sure where you should be investing your time? Save the info graphic, circle the keywords that best describe your company, and email it to greesonbachcreative at gmail dot com for a free digital strategy consultation!

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