Disruptive Business Techniques Guide

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Which disruptive business techniques work during a pandemic? This article series gives you some incredible strategies to implement that leverage digital-first technology for on-going growth.  It will help you overcome the uncertainty, stress and upheaval brought on by the coronavirus this year.

It’s been a year for the history books. The pandemic has caused a massive shift in the economy, in how customers buy products and how Main Street serves customers. Minimizing the disruption caused by the outbreak has been the top priority for many small companies. 

If you are ready to survive this year, and are pushing for continued business growth – then you need to adopt a host of new business techniques and strategies. Your digital-first strategy will keep your doors open, and will become a life-line for long-term stability in an uncertain economic climate.

Digital acceleration and your adoption of online models must begin today.

This series introduces you to some key disruptive business techniques that will help you implement the right kind of change for your company. From remote work and eCommerce automation, to using cloud computing for stability and security – click the links below to learn about each area.


Find out:


These 29 minutes will open you up to a range of new possibilities. Take the time to work through these articles, to better orientate yourself on the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of these digital technologies. Become a stronger, smarter entrepreneur and learn how to disruption-proof your company. 


Two volunteers giving back to the community

How to Adopt The Principle of Reciprocity

There is a powerful business principle rooted in social psychology and behavioral economics that makes people want to support your company. It’s called the principle of reciprocity, and it’s a law that states people are more willing to do for you, if you’ve done for them first.


Here’s what you need to know:

  • What the principle means and how to use it
  • How it can be a valuable disaster management strategy
  • It shows customers that you care
  • How donating to COVID-19 causes grows your business
  • Helping your employees is good for business
  • Sharing what you have with other companies is key
  • Volunteer to help community causes


How Business Agility Benefits Your Growth

Your ability to change will determine how well you do in an economic downturn. It’s called business agility, and it’s a skill that small business owners should nurture, plan for and practice. The new normal demands that you adopt a culture of flexibility so that you’re ready for anything.


Here’s what you need to know:

  • What business agility is and how to embrace it
  • Why it’s an essential skill right now
  • Ways that you can become more agile
  • Give your team the ability to change
  • Have the right IT infrastructure that makes change simple
  • Use listening to create opportunities
  • Focus on customer relationships and service
  • Stay updated on important niche developments


Change is something that is easy in theory and difficult in practice. You can prime your small business for success in any economic climate by facilitating flexibility and making change a central part of your business model. This resource shows you how to utilize disruptive change. 

Read How Business Agility Saves You during Turbulent Times for more on how to implement this important technique in your small business, so that pivoting is fast, easy and lucrative. 


How to Leverage Remote Work

Remote work has a lot of amazing benefits, and it skyrocketed when the COVID-19 lockdowns happened. Suddenly, the only people making money were the ones working from home! Clearly there’s something to be said for leveraging remote work for your company.


Here’s what you need to know:

  • What remote work is and if it’s possible for your business
  • How to use technology to scale as needed
  • It can limit workplace absences and make employees happier
  • It gives you flexibility and makes people more productive
  • It allows you to hire staff from anywhere
  • It attracts the best talent to your business


Small businesses that extend their products and services by shifting to remote work, will continue to earn when the economy shuts down. All companies can add an online element to their business, which means working from home is viable for you. This is how you will benefit from remote work. 

Check out the full resource Leveraging Remote Work during COVID-19 for a complete picture on why this is critical to the survival of your Main Street business in the coming years. 


Cloud Computing

How Cloud Computing Enhances Stability

It’s time your business moved to the cloud. If you don’t know what that means, your company is more at risk than you know. The value of cloud computing is only getting higher, and it’s the one thing that will keep you stable no matter what happens.


Here’s what you need to know:

  • The definition of cloud computing 
  • Why it matters now and in the future
  • It protects your business from all eventualities
  • It makes you more flexible and scalable
  • It gives you a way to safeguard your data
  • It makes collaboration easier
  • It helps you save money


If you’re looking for a reliable way to grow faster and to insulate your small business from real-world closures, then this is the technique to look at. This is how you protect your future growth.

Read more and review 5 Ways Cloud Computing Enhances Your Small Business to discover a digital technique that takes small companies into the big leagues. 


How to Embrace Ecommerce Automation

If you’ve heard that selling online can be a massive time and energy drain, you haven’t heard about e-commerce automation. This technology levels the playing field for your small business, and it gives you the ability to scale at a rate that would make large corporations pay attention.


Here’s what you need to know:

  • What eCommerce automation is and why you need it
  • What can be achieved with automation
  • The types of eCommerce workflows and how they help you grow
  • Automation in inventory management
  • Automation in order management
  • Automation in customer experience, loyalty and satisfaction


Embracing e-commerce automation is a disruptive business technique that takes your company to the next level, for unimaginable sales growth on the internet. 

Browse through How E-commerce Automation Transforms Your Online Store if you want the full idea on how this technology will help you move more products and services than ever before. 


Woman Meditating

How to Manage COVID-19 Stress

Small businesses like yours rely on their owners. You are the #1 asset in your business during times of crisis. That’s why you need stress management techniques that actually work. Your health is directly related to the health of your company, so it’s time for you to get serious about stress.


Here’s what you need to know:

  • How to stay organized and prioritize tasks in a pandemic
  • Have a workplace focused on wellness
  • Have a culture that promotes healthy eating
  • Maintaining real connections and support
  • How to use meditation to heal
  • Giving back to your community as a stress release
  • Prioritizing self-care
  • Signing up for a leadership network


No-one in recent history has had to deal with the levels of stress the coronavirus has caused you these past few months. It’s better to face the reality, than break down while it’s still happening. 

Read 7 Stress Management Hacks for Busy Entrepreneurs to learn more about maintaining your own mental health during the unimaginable stress of a global pandemic.


Take some time to review each of these articles and you’ll discover some brilliant disruptive business techniques that will help you in the coming months. Not only will you be more resilient, you’ll know how to make your small business relevant, flexible and technology-focused. 

Share these disruptive techniques with other business owners to make sure everyone on Main Street knows what they have to do to make it through the next year or two. 


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