A DIY Guide to Making a Professional Business Video (Infographic)

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Quality is of paramount importance when producing a video for your business. A lackluster production, or just a poorly inspired concept for either a training or a sales enablement video can mean more than just a lost opportunity for business or growth, it can also be a public relations liability.

Case in point is the now infamous Star Trek inspired training video created by the Internal Revenue Service. Produced to the tune of a 60 thousand dollar tax payer funded price tag, that video should serve as the gold standard of what NOT to do when creating internal training videos or marketing collateral that uses video.

If you’ve watched the IRS video, and had the intestinal fortitude to make it through the whole six minutes while simultaneously gleaning the intended message from the video (ostensibly it was produced as an light-hearted opener for an IRS conference) then you are a better man than I. However the important thing to keep in mind is that video is and always will be a massive and helpful medium for communicating messages to employees and potential customers alike. An oft quoted 2011 Comscore study estimated that 39 billion videos were watched online in 2011, and over 100 million videos are uploaded to the internet every day.

Additionally, an interesting by-product of the rise of social media has been something akin to crowd sourced quality control: basically if it is bad, then the internet will ignore you and you will have wasted your time, but if it’s really bad then you actually run the risk of subjecting both yourself and your business to public ridicule. Take the time to produce a simple quality product according to best practices, and that risk is mitigated significantly. Infographic Courtesy of KZO Innovations.

A DIY Guide to Making a Professional Business Video (Infographic)  image KZOinnovation 5 1 20131A DIY Guide to Making a Professional Business Video (Infographic) Presented By KZO Innovations, online video platform

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