Connect With the Pushers In Your Network

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Fitwall Workout003-MDo you want results with respect to your company? Then start connecting with the pushy crowd!

I am seeing a lot of unrest in people lately overall inside companies and in the industry. Not everyone is wired this way and I have to remember that. People who feel they are being pushed too much often times push back or pout or feel over stressed. This is how the majority of people in the workplace feel. I think the noise has gotten louder, because in the past there was not much that you could do. Rules in corporations were set in stone and anyone who tried to break through was quickly identified and discouraged from pushing.

I, by nature am a pusher person. I am not a person who is easily satisfied. I typically push for the following:

  1. what is the price? let’s negotiate, let’s work to close a deal quickly
  2. how is that project going? when will it be completed? how many hours will we be spending on it this week
  3. what is the issue? did we identify the root cause? how can we prevent it from happening again?
  4. did you reply to that customer’s inquiry? did you receive feedback from that customer?
  5. how can we make our website better? what changes do we need to make and when will they be in place?

I think you get the point. There is nothing wrong with being a pusher. I look at it more like a partner who is helping you through a workout. The last thing you want is a partner who does not have the same intensity as you. Getting a good workout with a partner takes both people to be focused on the task at hand and tons of present-time encouragement. Once the workout is over, the results typically speak for themselves. Some days are better than other days and some days are really exceptional days. The goal is to continue to grow and build on the work that has been accomplished and strive for more goals in the future.

I look for this particular trait in co-workers and people I network outside of my company. These type of people want more and can separate the fluff and complaints from the real winning strategies. It is all about making 100% gains not 10% improvements. The work does not always equate to the gain, but pushy people definitely have a better chance than most people.

Many people look at pushy people as arrogant. When the focus is on themselves, this is when pushiness equates to arrogance. Pushy people want more and know the best way to get there is to build a team. I look at these people as more of a player/coach. The coach term is often used here, but often coaches try to distance themselves from the work and focus only on the people aspect. I like the player/coach example because you also have to be doing part of the work. It is what leadership is all about.

Are you finding yourself a little frustrated these days with your performance or company activity? Maybe its time to start getting a little pushy and start getting in the game more. Start by focusing on the right people that you know can help you achieve success and start taking on more and more work by questioning activities occurring around you. From here, develop a plan and some goals and establish a time frame to see results. The hardest part of this process is starting it! I know because I was at that point earlier this year. Keep Pushing today and every day.

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