5 Creative Ways To Use Employee Surveys

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Employee surveys don’t need to be long and comprehensive to provide value. Take the guesswork out of decisions by leveraging feedback through short and frequent employee surveys.

Consider these creative employee surveys to actively involve everyone in improving your company culture:

Prioritizing Action Steps

Even if you have compiled a list of action items to address culture pain points, chances are that they each take time, planning, and funds. This is a great opportunity to ask for employees to weigh in on which change would have the most positive effect on your company culture.

Meeting PreparationEmployee Surveys

Covering everything you need to in a meeting can be a challenge. Consider using an anonymous pre-meeting survey to understand which discussion topics and employee questions to address.

Regular Sentiment Monitoring

In-depth, long-form surveys (like annual culture or engagement surveys) are great for diving deep into employee sentiment, but it’s also important to keep a pulse on how employees feel on a regular basis. This is where the aptly named pulse survey comes in handy. Pulse surveys are single-question surveys that are answerable directly in an email. Consider asking the same question weekly or monthly to understand the state of your workforce and culture.

Decision Making

Do you have a lot of ideas for the next team building activity, but you’re not sure which option would excite the most people?  Ask the team with a quick multiple-choice survey to ensure buy-in when executing.

Idea Sourcing

Or maybe you don’t have any ideas for the next team building activity. Consider sending out an optional survey to crowd-source suggestions for events, meetings, and process improvements. It’s common for employees to feel that they lack a formal way to contribute ideas for culture improvement. By proactively and regularly seeking out suggestions, you’re fostering an innovative and collaborative culture.

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