How the Golden State Warriors Won with Facebook Growth Hacking

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Ever wonder… Did the Golden State Warriors start their Facebook Marketing with the same concerns as a startup entrepreneur has?

Maybe their marketing wizards too sat behind a laptop screen, with many tabs open and wondered:

  • My email list, could be longer still; how do I make it more active, better segmented?
  • How do I run more effective campaigns on Facebook, pay less for them, get higher response?
  • How do I turn more email subscribers and more Facebook leads into loyal, paying customers?

I know what I want to do, but it is so hard!

Well, why wonder?

Hear it from the man behind it all, Dennis Yu, co-founder of BlitzMetrics who did Facebook Marketing for the Warriors and gave them all the Facebook support they needed to score, and score big!


You can be a part of his workshop/session on Facebook Growth Hacking at the Growth Marketing Conference in December. 2015. Or check a snippet of his talk from last year in the video below. Or go through this:

Quick Tips by Dennis Yu

Start by establishing what you’re actually going for – what you hope to do. Ultimately, it’s making money, but think a little deeper. Ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Goals

What is your cost per lead? How much are you willing to pay for a sale?

  1. Content

Do you have a strong content engine? Are you assets converting? At which stage of the funnel are they getting customers to buy?

  1. Targeting

How many social media followers and fans do you have? How about email subscribers – do you have a sizable list? Is your site getting traffic?


From here, you figure out where you stand. What you do next will depend on that.

For instance, think about your social media audience. Let’s say it’s small. Let’s also say that you convert very well on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Let’s say they make you money.

Odds are, you should work to expand that audience. If you have a big email list, begin there. Promote your social media channels with social buttons whenever you send a newsletter or major blast out.

If everything holds – which it should – you’ll see a return.

Of course, it’s more complicated than that. Marketing usually is. So come to San Francisco this December 2-4 for the Facebook Growth Hacking workshop. Be sure to bring your laptop or tablet, too. This is a workshop – not just a session!

P.S. If you struggle with your personal branding strategy – we all do sometimes! – you’ll like Dennis Yu’s hacks for getting it right.

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