Grammar Hammer: 5 Ways to Be a Better Blogger in 2015

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Every New Year I make a list of things I resolve to do “more” or “less” of. This year, I’ve decided to focus those resolutions on enhancing my blogging skills. However, I think anyone who hopes to become a better blogger this year can borrow from a few of the rules I’ve set for myself to get started. Here are five tips that can help us become better bloggers together:

  1. Read more. I read a mere FIVE books in 2014 after resolving to read at least 20. That’s embarrassing. This year, I am sticking with my goal of reading 20 books in 2015, including finishing the one I’ve been reading for months. Reading always inspires me to want to write more, and I think it will inspire you too! Which brings me to resolution #2…
  2. Write more. But how much exactly is “more”? Don’t let the vagueness of this resolution set you up for failure. Take a tip from CopyBlogger and set a more realistic goal. Author Sonia Simone suggests writing for 20 minutes every day for the month of January. I’m already late, and will need to write for about 4-½ hours to catch up, but this is a goal I can get behind. Just a little bit of writing everyday counts!
  3. Learn more. Even this old dog can learn a new trick or two. This year, I’d like to learn some basic HTML coding to use on my personal blog.
  4. Procrastinate less. Using an editorial calendar for my posts is already helping me generate content ideas I can use and manage deadlines for my posts.
  5. Back up my data more. Almost every writing blog or site I read at the new year listed this as a goal. Back up your stuff. I have an aging laptop at home and a huge music and photos library. Losing all of it because I didn’t take the time to back up my data would be a tragedy.

What are your other goals for 2015?

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