Meerkat App – The Next Big Thing

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Meerkat App - Tweet Live Video

Meerkat App – Tweet Live Video

Every now and then, a new social media platform/app is introduced to the world and it changes the way we communicate, experience, and consume content. This is what Meerkat App for iOS is doing, and it’s just the beginning. According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, Meerkat launched last week, and in only three days over 15,000 users signed up.

What Is Meerkat and How Does it Work?

Meerkat is a live streaming video app that allows you to post a live video stream to Twitter in just one click. So how does it work? Once you download the Meerkat iOS app, you’ll be prompted to login with your Twitter account. Next, in the home screen you can either schedule your live stream or stream right away. Check out the image below to learn Meerkat’s rules, which are pretty straight forward:

The Rules of Meerkat App

The Rules of Meerkat App

Meerkat’s Popularity

Since last week’s launch, Meerkat’s usage and popularity on Twitter skyrocketed, and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down. On Friday of last week, Meerkat made the “Top List” on Product Hunt, a website that allows product-loving and technology enthusiasts to check out and vote on new tech they like. Looking at the #Meerkat hashtag trend via Topsy, the hashtag has been mentioned over 15,000 times over the past few days only.

Meerkat Twitter Trend

Meerkat Twitter Trend via Topsy

Ever since I enabled Meerkat’s mobile notifications on my iPhone, the notifications haven’t stopped and go off all throughout the day. It’s amazing to see how many of my Twitter contacts are joining Meerkat by the minute and how many are live streaming now.

To illustrate my point, while watching TV at home last night, I got a notification that Gary VaynerChuk, a social media thought leader, had just began a live stream on Meerkat. I wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass by to hear him live, so I opened the app. Gary began talking about his day at work while riding inside a taxi cab on his way home. I also was able to see other people that were listening to Gary and see the total number of people watching the live stream. Within a matter of two minutes, over 300 people tuned it to listen to him!

Gary Vaynerchuk - Meerkat App

Gary Vaynerchuk – Meerkat App

What’s Next For Meerkat?

As additional people adopt the use of this app, the possibilities are endless. For example, I can see people using Meerkat for:

  • Concerts
  • Webinars
  • Conferences
  • Interviews
  • Online contests
  • Sports (The audience & players streaming)
  • + Many more…

Even though live video streaming technology has been around for a few years, other video streaming apps/platforms such as Livestream, Twitcam and Upclose tried to do the same thing before Meerkat, but didn’t take off the same way. One thing for sure that sets Meerkat apart from its competitors is the simple user interface and ease of use on mobile.

What’s your take on Meerkat? Let me know in the comment sections below if you’d had a chance to check out the app.

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