What Can You Post On Social Media For Business?

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Every week, I have conversations with small business owners about how to use social media for their businesses. Many of those conversations have a similar theme and that revolves around what to post.

Maybe some of these sound familiar?

SMB Owner: “We started a FB page but it’s not doing anything for us.”

Me: “You haven’t posted in six months. Of course it’s not doing anything for you.”

SMB (Who happens to be a pet groomer): “I don’t know what to post.”

Me: “Why not post pictures of pets of coming in for grooming appointments? You could show before and after pictures. You could do short iphone videos of how to do certain types of doggie haircuts. You could show how you handle less cooperative pets.”

Pet Groomer: “That’s a good idea. Maybe I could do that.”

Me: “Of course you can.”

How about B2B?

Some B2B businesses are strangely convinced that social media won’t work for them. I’m not sure where this fallacy got started but I think it’s rooted in a fear and misunderstanding of the tools and medium—in fact, much the same way it is for a micro business like a mom-and-pop.

Let’s take a look.

B2B Audio-Visual Installation: “Social media doesn’t work for us.”

Me: “Hmmm….are you aware at least 76% of B2B buying decisions start online? People look for referrals and solution-based information online before they want to talk with a sales person. How do you get most of your sales?”

B2B: “Referrals.”

Me: “Do you think people look at your website before doing business with you?”

B2B: “Probably.”

Me: “So they ask for referrals, they look at your website and what else, do they think they also Google you or look for your business on social media channels?”

B2B (shrugs shoulders)

Me: “If you have good, educational info for prospects to download, they will. They’ll also check you out on LinkedIn and ask about you on other social media channels. In fact, one study says 59.9% of prospects look for you on social.”

B2B: “We do have some good White Papers and Case Studies but they’re buried on our site and we don’t think people see them.”

(To verify, I look at their Google Analytics and can see they get 200 visitors a month and virtually no one sees the case studies.” )

Me: “What if we put the case studies on individual pages and shared those URL’s on your LinkedIn Page to drive more traffic to them.? And, we added new Case Studies every month? You probably have a list of clients who would be happy to talk with you or me about their success with your product/service right?”

B2B: “Sure, we have lots of happy clients. That’s a good idea. We could do that.”

The reality is I have these types of conversations all the time. I brainstorm content ideas with my clients to help them realize the types of content they could be posting on social media channels and how they can use it to present themselves as the authoritative solution to the problems they solve. Better yet, how can they use the opportunity social presents to grow their business?

The dog groomer will do well to figure out how to use Facebook to be more visible. If the B2B audio visual installation business wants to reach more decision makers, they’ll do well to develop a strategy about posting useful content on their LinkedIn Page, Twitter and YouTube.

No matter your business achieving social media success is about developing a strategy and the type of content that will work for your business.

Some of that content you can outsource but not all. In most cases, you can get help developing a strategy and tactical plan from an outside consultant, yet, you’ll still need to create content in house and a social media consultant will help you create a plan for the right type. Without the right type of content to connect with your visitors and ultimately, drive traffic back to your site, you won’t increase your sales.

Isn’t it time you got a handle on what social media marketing can do for you?

Jen grew up with her bag packed, always ready for the next adventure. These days she spends most of her time writing web content for clients across a variety of industries including travel and training on SEO and social media. Download your copy of 21 Days to a Rockin’ Social Media presence at www.jenphillipsapril.com

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