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Everyone these days is talking about content marketing. Many people write content about their companies, their clients and their product/service offerings. It is a great way to get your company noticed online and it can help drive people to your company online and offline through word-of-mouth.

Have you ever thought of applying these same principles to builiding your own influence online?

For me, it is crtical to connect with marketing executives in other companies. I find myself wanting to keep in the know about different marketing processes and tools. I typically learn something everyday. In addition, people connect my work with the company I work at. It is amazing how fast a person can gain influence in today’s world if you are willing to put in the effort. Here is what I have learned in building influence in a world that is very cluttered.

Spend your time on Linkedin – Connect with professionals. It is a place to find great people and you can quickly find information that really resonates with the work you are currently doing. In addition, it is a great place to share your own content using the Linkedin Blogging Platform.

Twitter can be more that a news tool – Follow fewer, quality people. Also, group these people by lists. I use TweetDeck/Twitter. When you go to a networking event in person, do you really want to follow everyone in that room? Do you want everyone in that room following you? Take that same mentality online. There is a great tool, Nuzzel that will take all the people that you follow on Twitter and show you the information they are sharing online. It is an awesome way to find value with Twitter.

Start writing blog posts on a regular basis – I am not a good writer. I make a lot of mistakes; however, with practice I am learning how to write content that people want to read and ultimately learn more.

Read other people’s content and share other people’s work. I think Linkedin is a great place for performing this. If I read a great blog article, I also like to share this information on Linkedin and Twitter.

Some sites say you can only connect with people you know. (Linkedin) How are you ever going to build your connections? Check out groups, companies and individual profiles and if you see that the person you want to connect to has a lot of the same contacts as you, ask them to connect. Look for specific skill sets that you are interested in like “content marketing”, “digital marketing” and connect with people who have experience in these areas.

The real key here is to spend a little time each day building your influene. As you can see, I spend the majority of my time on Linkedin because I have seen a substantial return with respect to the following:

  • Increased Knowledge in Marketing: digital, social media, content, metrics, tools
  • Connecting with Great People at all Levels: Executive, Owner, Programmer, Project Manager
  • Find Decision-Makers more quickly that are more reliable.- Email through Linkedin gets noticed a lot more
  • Staying Connected – It is so easy to stay connected with people through Linkedin Mail, Updates and Comments on Updates
  • Linkedin Metrics show you where your influence currently is and who is looking at your profile.

If you want to build your influence today and see results over the next few months start using Linkedin and start writing, communicating and ultimately networking.

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