Small Business Linkbuilding: How To Build Relationships for Gaining Links

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smallbusinesslinkEveryone who knows anything at all about internet marketing and SEO is aware of the importance of link building for businesses of all types and sizes including small businesses. Not only is link building a good way for a small business to be found by potential customers but it also proves useful for building a brand and creating interest & hype around products and services.

Many small business owners think they don’t have time or the skill needed for link building.  Some even view the whole ordeal as being a big waste of time. If you’re one of those people who makes excuses for not building links for your small business, you should know that you’re missing out on a whole lot of traffic and sales that your link building competitors are snatching away from you.

Many small business owners get caught up in the link building process after reading all types of tips on how to build links using the “best” methods The majority of the articles and blogs  they read suggest many of the same things which includes churning out loads of articles, creating infographics, making videos, producing ebooks for downloading, writing white papers and so forth. Sure, these are all good ways to build links. However, the problem is that for the small business with very low influence, these linkbuilding methods usually don’t prove very beneficial. Why? Because it can be very difficult to get these types of things seen by the people you want to see them. Plus, the majority of these methods require money that most small businesses simply don’t have, making them even more impractical.

So what’s a small business owner to do? One of the best ways for a small business to acquire relevant, valuable links is to focus not on the task of link building itself but rather on relationship building. Here is why relationship building works and how you can go about building those relationships to help you get the links you need.

You’ll Gain Credibility by Establishing Good Relationships

Sure, you can acquire a quick link by leaving a comment on a blog one time and forgetting about it. However, if you put your focus on building valuable relationships with other businesses by doing things like regularly commenting on their social media posts, articles and blogs, you will become known as someone who provides something of value. When you’re viewed as a valuable contributor because you leave great comments that help keep the conversations alive, other businesses will be more likely to link to your site when you reach out to them.

Reach Out and Think ‘Outside the Box’

There are many ways to build relationships with other business owners and industry influencers. For one, show people that you genuinely care. For instance, if you follow an industry leader on a social network and they share some good news, congratulate them. Something that simple can help you build a relationship with that person wherein they may give you a linking opportunity.

Make it a point to attend industry meetings and functions as meetups are great for establishing relationships with like-minded people. Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and call people as hearing your voice is a good way to remind others that you’re a person and not just an avatar.

By all means don’t forget about the relationships you already have established with organizations, associations, business associates and contractors. You may have some very good linkbuilding opportunities right under your nose without even realizing it. Take some time to think about those people you already work with, speak to or attend meetings with as there may well be some good link building opportunities to be had.

Do Newsworthy Things on a Small, Local Scale

Small business owners that engage with their local communities set themselves up for some great link building opportunities. Instead of trying to grab a link from large newspaper which is something that’s very hard to do, think locally by getting your business featured in the local paper.

Consider hosting or sponsoring community events and supporting local causes and charities as these are great ways to obtain links. When you do something noteworthy on a small local scale, you not only will be opening the door for obtaining links but you’ll also be able to attract new customers to your business, making it win-win situation for you.

You might also want to look into working with other local businesses that have services/products that compliment yours. When you find such a business, reach out to the owner to discuss creating meaningful,  collaborated content you both can use on your sites.

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