The Fax Machine is Dead; Online Faxing is Alive [Infographic]

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While it’s fun for Internet-savvy entrepreneurs to scoff at ancient technology like the fax machine, the evidence shows that while the fax machine itself may be headed for extinction, online faxing is very much alive.

Before the Internet, faxing was one of the most popular and efficient ways to electronically send documents and information. Before word processors and email made it possible to send written information instantly and without a paper trail, fax machines were cutting edge.

The technology is no longer cutting edge, but it hasn’t worn out its usefulness. Many companies publish a fax number in order to add prestige to their contact information and in an acknowledgement of those customers and clients who like to send faxes. Additionally, many people trust paper-based documents more so than electronic documents, especially when it comes to online signatures.

Although fax machines have become less and less popular, the fax as a concept has adapted to modern technology by moving to the Internet. It’s true that many methods of sharing information—such as emailing attachments—have replaced faxing, but when it comes to many important documents, particularly those that require signatures, many people still seek, if not an actual fax machine, some form of online faxing.

Below, you’ll find hard data on the death of the fax machine but the continued survival of online faxing and other similar concepts. While it’s no longer considered standard practice to have a dedicated fax machine at the office, faxing is still an important part of doing business. On the computer, the art of the fax has gained a second life, one that may see it increasing as a viable market for many years to come. Take a look at what the numbers are saying about the survival of online faxing.

The Fax Machine is Dead; Online Faxing is Alive [Infographic] image online faxing is aliveThe Fax Machine is Dead; Online Faxing is Alive [Infographic]Graphic via


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