Five Careers for the Future

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Five Careers for the Future image How can you leave a job with grace Five Careers for the FutureLooking for a new career? Career coach experts say that these are five fields to get into, because the career coach professionals expect to see big growth in these fields.

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineers apply engineering techniques to biology and medicine to develop healthcare technologies such as artificial organs and advanced prosthetics. New techniques continue to be developed as a growing number of people seek to remain physically active as they age and undergo procedures such as knee or hip replacements. Biomedical engineers may develop and maintain artificial body parts for wounded soldiers.  Biomedical engineers may also develop medical imaging techniques such as MRI, ultrasound and CT scans.

Genetic Counseling

A genetic counselor advises people on the options available to them if they have been found to be at risk for an inherited medical condition. Genetic counselors can help people who are planning to have children make informed choices.  They can also advise adults who may be at risk for conditions inherited from their parents on whether or not they should undergo genetic testing and the implications of the results.  Genetic counseling is expected to increase in popularity as genetic testing continues to increase in sophistication and affordability.


Hydrologists deal with issues relating to water supply and water quality. They study the water cycle, including rainfall, runoff and infiltration. Hydrologists may work on locating water supplies for urban areas or on cleaning up polluted waterways. They can help predict drought areas and evaluate how construction projects affect adjacent bodies of water.  Other areas of concern for hydrologists include irrigation and flooding.

Vertical Farming

Vertical farmers grow crops indoors in tall structures that have different levels of crops. It enables food to be grown without the use of precious farmland and puts a new spin on the movement to grow food locally. With the world’s population continuing to increase and a greater number of people living in urban areas, vertical farming could eventually aim to feed cities using greens and other crops grown in skyscrapers.  Growing crops in a controlled environment could minimize the effects of unpredictable weather and reduce the need for pesticides.

Space Tourism

Private companies are already collecting deposits for space travel, which is expected to become a reality in the next few years. In the short run, private space travel may only last for a few hours and be priced well out of the range of most people, but as private trips into space become longer and more affordable, the need will grow for space pilots and space travel tour guides to take eager travelers where no one has gone before.

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