Game On: 5 Ways to Win the Iron Throne of Content

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For those of us counting down the minutes until Game of Thrones graces our screens once more (like OneSpot team member Jack here), almost anything can be worthy of a Tyrion-esque smirk and a raise of the mighty goblet. Until Sunday night, however, let us reminisce on some of the show’s most memorable quotes and how they may inspire content marketing as epic as our favorite fights.


Lesson 1: It’s not all about you.

While your sword swinging bravado may fare well in the King’s Landing of corporate boardrooms, it will not play as kindly with audiences. Even if swagger is part of your brand’s persona, approach content creation more with a sense of curiosity, exploration and a healthy dose of humility. Your audience doesn’t want to just hear about how brave and bold you are; give them the opportunity to share their own stories. If your brand hits some rough patches, address them frankly and openly in your content. It will surely win you more fans than being cold, cunning and arrogant in your ambitions.


Lesson 2: No brand is an island.

If you’re planning on storming the Iron Throne of content, you may not need an army of Unsullied waiting with bated breath for your every command, but you certainly need a small band of well-trained sellswords. At minimum, a mid-size organization should employ the talents of one writer, one designer, one manager/ strategist and one client services pro. You can grow your team as needed, but this should help you construct a strong basis to plan, execute and optimize for maximum impact.


Lesson 3: Awareness and authenticity may be your two greatest allies.

With so many strong voices present in the vast kingdom of content, it can be easy to get lost in the high stakes drama and constant banter. But there is only one YOU when it comes to your brand. Develop a voice that is consistent and clear, expressing personality and brand attributes that are in line with your goals. Your tone, or the mood in which you express your message, can vary depending on the friends and foes you encounter, but who you are can never change. Be genuine and no-one can touch you.


Lesson 4: A huge budget doesn’t mean huge success.

Sometimes, the smartest moves can be made using the smallest means. Make the most of your earned and owned channels when it comes to promoting and distributing your content. Lean on tools that make content creation, curation and collaboration easier for your little birds to use at will. Repurpose and reuse content strategically and no-one will ever know that your budget isn’t exactly Lannister-worthy.


Lesson 5: There’s more than one way to skin a cat (or a crow).

The path to content domination is not the same for every brand, and there are dozens of variables to consider when planning your attack. Whether your strategy is focused on informing your audience through educational videos or developing a strong social presence that lets bloggers lead the way, know that your approach will likely need to evolve along the way and be open to the journey ahead.

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