Line Of Cloud, Wireless And Thin Seagate Hard Drives Announced

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Line Of Cloud, Wireless And Thin Seagate Hard Drives Announced image Seagate hard drive

Getting your digital life better organized is probably near the top of the list when it comes to your New Year’s resolutions, Seagate hard drives offer a set of new options that cover all the bases for you. First on their list is the quick, ultra-thin 7mm drive in portable form with the abundant named Seagate Seven.

As you might already have heard, the company shows off that this is the slimmest device in the world for on-the-go storage, holding 500 GB of space and connecting to your digital tools via USB 3.0 inside of a steel enclosure. The Seagate Seven definitely won’t take up a lot space in your pocket or backpack, and it’s launching later this year for an affordable $100.

Did you have something different in mind? No worries, Seagate has got you covered with its portable 500 GB phone-friendly storage Seagate hard drive. Specifically created to be used with phones and tablets. The great thing about this Seagate hard drive is it uses its own network to create a source for WiFi and its own signal, so if you are stuck in traffic and your phone isn’t getting any signal, Seagate’s got you covered not only with its own network but with a massive 500 GB of extra room for all your digital files.

You want more Seagate hard drive options? Maybe you need a more upscale storage solution for all of the family’s digital files? Seagate is ready to sort that too with its Personal Cloud setup which makes sure that all your files are accessible from both at home and on that next road trip you’re planning. Want to keep downloaded media in one place to watch on tablets, TVs and media streaming devices? You can. Want it to serve as a central backup for laptops and your other digital tools? It does that too.

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