3 Key Factors for a Successful Landing Page (Hint: It’s All About Symmetry)

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Google hasn’t thrown in the towel on Google Glass if this Wall Street Journal report is to be believed. Reportedly, Google is hard at work at the next version of Glass and has ditched Texas Instruments in favor of Intel… *

That isn’t what you expected, right? I guessed so.

Same as your visitors, who might have similar feelings when visiting your landing page. As Marketers, we should keep in mind the importance of consistency during every stage of our campaign process (as easy as it sounds).

Photo by Nam (Flickr)

Photo by Nam (Flickr)

1) Master the Complete Funnel

Usually, there are a few stages before your visitors land on your landing page.

Let’s take the generic SEM campaign as an example:

  1. Visitors are searching for specific keywords on Google.
  2. Some of them see your ad.
  3. Few click on it.
  4. They’re landing. Hooray!

Now, think again about the beginning of this post: was it really confusing to understand what’s going on? Same applies for your visitors who might share the same confusion while landing on your landing page through an ad with different messaging.

The same message should be conveyed in both your ad copy and your landing page. The title of your ad should be same as the headline of your landing page, and so on (sub titles, images, etc). Remember that consistency in your messaging can provide the x factor in increasing your conversion rates by up to a whopping 30%!

2) Test Your Messaging

While it is great to have consistency in your messaging, the key to achieving exceptional results is refinement. A/B testing is the one most efficient tools to indicate and examine which version works best for you and your campaign.

However, if you’re running an A/B test on your landing page, you should make sure the each variation starts from your ad copy . Thus meaning, that variation A is made of your ad copy + your landing page (and of course, A/B test of your messaging is the first test you should run).

3) Your Landing Page … and beyond!

In some cases, it will be important to have consistency experience beyond the landing page. What’s the next stage after your visitor goes beyond the conversion button?

The ultimate product would be customization all the way down – starting with your ad copy, landing page, to the very last moment after the purchase.

Next Version Of Google Glass Said To Be Powered By Intel (Techcrunch)

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