Healthcare Tech Startup Advice from “Dolphin Tank” Judges and Entrepreneurs

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  • Whatever
    your idea is, take the time to validate it, talk about it and ask the advice of
    the people who need your company’s services and listen to their stories. That
    creates a lot of valuable feedback.
  • As you
    grow, your customers will tell you what they want and how you need to grow.

Wendroff, founder, CareSpotter

  • If you’re considering a new product or service, consult the end
    users and clients as centerpieces every step of the way. Without them as your
    partners and collaborators, you’re not going to end up with a product of any
    use or meaning to them. Start-up businesses should look to them as a guiding

Carrie Neiman, M.D., co-founder of Access Hears

  •  To enter the seniors market businesses
    need a true understanding of older adults and their needs. The reward for them
    is a huge and loyal market that poses wonderful opportunities for start-ups.

Lindeman, PhD, director, Center for Technology in Aging at the
University of California Berkeley:

  • The Baby Boomers will not go quietly into the night. This is not
    your father’s or your grandmother’s aging population. They want to stay active
    and perform as well as they can for as long as they can. So don’t give up. Fail
    forward quickly. Keep moving and experimenting to figure out what will work for
    your customers.

Bartkow, founder, Project Carbon

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