Helpful Small Business Email Features To Consider

2 min read · 4 years ago


So, you are looking for a business email account. It should be a pretty easy task. After all, email providers are all the same, right? Wrong! Not all business email providers are created equally. So, you’ll have to do your homework to pick the one that best fits your needs.

In truth, a business email is not just a personal email address with clout. It needs to provide entrepreneurs with professional and organizational features to help them streamline communications. Here are some helpful business email features to consider as you’re searching for an email provider.

How to Create a Business Email Account

First things first, you’ll need to know how to create a business email account. This process is painless, thanks to services like Yahoo Small Business. You’ll be provided with an address, as well as a free domain name for your organization.

Still, you should play with your domain name or business email address. For instance, your Ohio-based company may specialize in landscaping. Instead of naming your email address, you could opt for It’s cute, it’s memorable and it lets people know where you operate. There are dozens of possibilities, so take your time to think it through.

Next, you’ll want to standardize your employees’ email addresses. It might make sense to only use first names, especially if you have a small company. But as your business grows, this could cause problems. Think about it, might seem like a good idea, but what happens when you hire another Sean? Having might work for your vice president, but what if she is promoted? Do you really want to change her email and confuse her contacts?

Try sticking to something simple like Its brilliance is in its simplicity.

Must-Have Features

Of course, selecting a business email service is about more than just addresses. It’s also about the baked-in features and functionalities.

There are email services out there offering a bunch of unnecessary bells and whistles that needlessly complicated and expensive. Choose a provider offering only those features that are absolutely necessary. These include:

  • Comprehensive email management. This allows you to see all of your mailboxes on a single screen, regardless of provider. Even if you have accounts with Yahoo Business, Gmail and Outlook, you’ll be able to peruse both your professional and personal emails in one place.
  • Simple mailbox transfer. This frees you from the worries of accommodating staff changes, reassignments and migrations. Simply add a new mailbox and enjoy an easy transfer of data. You should also have the ability to import your contacts from Facebook as well as other email providers.
  • Robust security features. Cybersecurity threats are everywhere. Stymie the bad guys with a platform boasting 100-percent encryption by default.
  • Extensive free storage space. Nobody likes hidden fees. So choose a platform with plenty of free space.
  • Multiple calendars. Manage your meetings and appointments with this essential tool.

Now that you’re aware of these helpful business email features to consider, it’s time to explore your options. Start by visiting Yahoo Small Business. Our services are affordable, functional and eager to please. Try them today!