4 Ways To Simplify Your Work Life

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road sign keep it simpleHenry Wadsworth Longfellow may have said it best: In character, in manner, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity.

According to a survey by Northwestern National Life, 40 percent of workers state that their jobs are “extremely stressful” and about 25 percent of employees view their job as the main cause of stress in their lives.

Because of this stress, we are often we are caught up in the craziness of work (and life) that we end up overcomplicating things rather than scaling back and simplifying. However, our minds, our bodies, and our work reap the benefits when we run simple.

Here are five tips for simplifying and aiming toward improved balance and healthier minds and bodies.

  1. Get focused. With all the distractions and our instinct to constantly multitask, we inundate ourselves with obligations, tasks, and sometimes, busy work. To change this, aim to focus on one particular task or challenge and stay on that task for a predetermined amount of time. Consciously take the time to consider what it is you need to do or to focus on in the moment and make it happen.
  1. Prioritize. On a daily basis, we run through our to-do lists by checking off the “easier” tasks that take less time to accomplish or completing those that are very pressing. Instead of just taking what is coming and what is necessary to do, set a list of priorities and tackle those tasks that are of higher importance before moving on to the easier ones.
  1. Condense technology. Rather than using multiple systems and dashboards, check out your technology and platforms and determine if you can work to simplify through consolidation. For instance, if you are entering expenses into one platform and then need to transfer them into another, maybe there is a linking technology that will allow you to do this with one click. Chances are, the technology is out there so rely on tech to make your life easier, not more complicated.
  1. Learn to let it go. The simple life isn’t one where you are bogged down by negative comments or overanalyzing feedback. Remember that in work and in life, nothing has meaning until you assign meaning to it. So if you aren’t sure how to interpret a message in an email, pick up the phone and call someone to clarify rather than thinking about it too long and assigning it your own meaning.

In life and in business, looking to get focused, sticking to priorities, leveraging technology, and letting it go will help you simplify and streamline. Once you focus and take action to make things simpler, you will experience the “simpler life,” something we actually to have to work for these days.

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