Marketing Wins and Losses from Sunday’s Big Game

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Hits and Misses of Super Bowl XLIX

super bowl ticketsSuffering from Post-Super-Bowl-Depression-Disorder? Don’t worry–we’re tackling our favorite hits and fumbles of last night’s big matchup.

As we all know, the Patriots went home with the big win, the Lombardi Trophy. However, they weren’t they only ones who had a winning moment: The Super Bowl XLIX broadcast was the first to have a winning moment by being the most socially-engaged Super Bowl in history. Congrats to our fellow Tweeters, Facebookers, bloggers and social friends!

We were among those tweeting and posting last night too. As we watched, we compiled some of our favorite wins and blunders from the big game, both on the field and off.

Winning Moments From Sunday’s Game

Let’s start things off with some of our favorite wins from Super Bowl XLIX. And we don’t just mean the epic ending to the game:


There was no shortage of entertainment during the game. Whether you watched for the game, commercials or the music, there was excitement for all.

Musicians brought their A-Game for a star-studded entertainment value. Super Bowl Sunday festivities began with country star, Carrie Underwood. Underwood kept the Sunday Night Football tradition alive with a special Super Bowl theme. And also made most of us want to hit the gym. Thanks Carrie…

Carrie Underwood:

The high-notes didn’t stop with Carrie. Next up were two major artists who honored our wonderful country. The Grammy Award-winning John Legend provided a beautiful rendition of America The Beautiful, and Tony Award winner Idina Menzel– who definitely redeemed her vocal prowess from her New Year’s Eve performance — ushered in the game with the National Anthem.

John Legend:

And just when you thought the music of Super Bowl 2015 couldn’t get any better, in comes pop-superstar, Katy Perry, who stole the show with her half-time performance. Sharing the big stage with Perry were also two very talented artists that helped her bring the house down, Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliot.

Katy Perry:


There’s no denying that one of the greatest moments of the night was seeing a winner crowned Super Bowl Champions – The New England Patriots. We congratulate them on their win but also commend both teams on their hard work all season.

Although the Patriots are taking Lombardi home with them, one of the most talked about moments was that impressive catch by Seattle’s Jermaine Kearse. Unbelievable! (We’re still wondering how he managed that.)


Was it just us or did the commercials for this year’s showdown seem more tame compared to past years? We thought most of the commercials were emotionally powerful and spread a message for the greater good rather than attacking their competitors. Good work fellow marketers!

Here were a few of our favorites that made our hearts warm:


How about this commercial for some McLovin! Good work McDonalds, we hope to hear many great stories from consumers about how paying with love has made their day better by a simple act of kindness.


The phrase, “like a girl”, has typically been an insult in the past but it looks like that is changing now. Always did a great job with their commercial targeting and empowering women, which are not the typical demographic of Super Bowl watchers. Their commercial was bold but also very positive yet simple. Good work, good work.


Budweiser, Budweiser, Budweiser…. You have done it again! You have stolen the hearts of Americans with your puppies and Clydesdales! Last year’s puppy ad made our Super Bowl “Best of” list, and this year’s will definitely be making the list for best commercials for us again. Thank you for all the “feels” your commercial threw at us!

As much as we loved the Budweiser commercial, we do have to wonder if premiering their Super Bowl ad days before the actual game hurt the effectiveness of their message? This goes for other advertisers who began showing their high-dollar commercials early as well.

This will begin our list of missed opportunities for conversions in the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Marketing Moments That Fell Flat

Too Much Too Soon?

Did advertisers like Budweiser miss the mark with their commercials because they showed their special commercials early? Spots averaged 4.5 million dollars to air during the Super Bowl, so was it worth the investment to play them early?

Missed Opportunities

Now let’s talk about that Chevy glitch. Don’t do that to us ever again! Who else thought their broadcast was gone at first, only to be fooled seconds later? Talk about a mess of emotions! Although this was clever advertising, it really didn’t make us want to buy a truck. It probably made us want to buy a new TV or find a new cable provider more than anything.


Celebrities Don’t Always Make Things Better

So many questions with this one… We love Britney, but what was the point of this? We understand she’s from New Orleans and she’s paying respect to her home state team, the New Orleans Saints, but they didn’t play in the game. Just why? This just did not add excitement to the game for us at all.

Britney Spears Rally:

One more thing…. Not sure what to say about this one other than we hope it helps make your Post-Super-Bowl-Depression and Monday suck less….

Loctite Glue:

What were your favorite wins and losses in last night’s game? Tell us in the comments below.

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