9 Essential Tips For Promoting Your Blog Properly (Infographic)

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Hosting a blog is one of the bedrock essentials of maintaining an internet presence. Put simply: you need a blog! But there’s no use simply putting up a post and hoping somebody notices. You need to put some time and effort into promoting your blog.

In this infographic, ReferralCandy offers nine of the most useful promotional tactics that you can use for your blog.

  1. Be good. The first and most important tip may also seem to be the most obvious – make sure your blog is actually good! Fill a role that is needed in the community you’re part of. There’s a world of difference between a well-maintained blog and one that’s simply there for show. Ask yourself if your blog post tells a compelling story, answers a tough question, or rides along with recent trends. If not, you may wish to rethink the topic of the post.
  2. Be searchable. Make sure you’ve done the research and added proper keywords to your post so that it can readily be found by those using Google to look for information.
  3. Be visual. Let’s face it, we’re all busy and we evolved to be visual creatures. Adding visual content – particularly original content that you created yourself – is a good way to get noticed and catch people’s attention. It’s also more readily shared if there’s an image attached.
  4. Be connected. An internet connection is just like a relationship in real life. Nurture connections with people who genuinely care about your shared interests, and those people are more likely over the long run to be boosters for your blog and to share your material.
  5. Be targeted. Know your target audience inside and out, and be sure you’re targeting your posts to reach them. Make personae for each sub-group you’re working with, so you can quickly personalize your content.
  6. Use email. Offer something of value to subscribers to get their email address, then target your email list when you make new posts. If you’re targeting well, they’ll engage for you.
  7. Distribute wisely. When you’re sharing your post, tag people who are influencers in the scene you’re working with, and add context so they know why they should care. Prioritize those who are likely to promote other people’s work (such as your own).
  8. Get smart about social media. There’s been plenty of research done on how to maximize your impact on social media channels. Stay up to date on the latest and implement those strategies. Take note of optimal time for sharing, frequency of posting, hashtags, and more.
  9. Make it happen! It won’t happen for you. Every day, when you wake up, take a look at the strategies above and any others you’ve accumulated and decide on one you can do right now to grow your readership. And do it!

9 Essential Tips For Promoting Your Blog Properly Infographic

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