Use A Sales Funnel To Generate More Sales

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How A Sales Funnel Can Generate More Sales From Your Website

How to Use a Sales Funnel to Create More CustomersAre you getting a lot of traffic without enough conversions?

Would you like to attract a larger audience to your brand or business?

If your business has worked hard at building a great website along with a focused marketing and content strategy then your expectations should be to start generating sales from these. The key is to get your readers interested in what you have to offer them whether this be a product, service or both.

A sales funnel is one way to attract new leads who can be converted into sales. Take a look at this example from Hubspot of how the process can work for your business:


The basic process of a sales funnel is to first capture leads through content, images, video, ect. with the goal in mind of convincing them that they need your product or service. Once this has been achieved your business should be nurturing these sales to encourage word of mouth marketing and new leads.

The more sales your business generates the easier it is to sell to them again, especially with high-value offerings. Online marketers and businesses can especially benefit from this process with several elements in place.

Start with fresh, original content

The first impression of your audience is publishing blog posts that answers their questions and meets their needs in a compelling way. This could include a mixture of content such as how-to videos, infographics, and great images. Optimizing for mobile is very important as well in order to tap into a growing audience who no longer use their computers to find information and make purchases. Once you have captured a reader’s attention with great content chances are they will be perusing your website to find out more. This is where an optin form or sales page can come in, which provides something of value such as a free report, tips, ect.

Nurture your email subscribers

It is not enough to just capture a name and email from your website. Your business needs to stay in communication with your prospects through a series of emails that provide useful information, invitations to special events and webinars, and discount or free offers. Entrepreneur Amy Porterfield does a great job at this with her offers and webinars:


As you build trust and interest you can create an automated process that constantly provides new information for your leads and customers.

Monitor your efforts

Once your business has attracted leads who have decided to stay and either subscribe from an optin or made a purchase from a sales page the next step after nurturing through email is analytics. In order to fully track what is going on you will want to ensure that all of your optins are connected to your email marketing software of choice such as MailChimp, Aweber, Constant Contact, Infusionsoft, ect. Lead capturing services like LeadPages will provide these statistics for you. You can also track your progress through payments systems such as PayPal or Google Wallet for Merchants. Setting up tracking with Google Analytics will also give you valuable insights into how your keywords are performing for your content, website clicks, activity, and more.

When your business follows a sales funnel model you are able to better focus your marketing efforts to attract more leads in your target market. Not all strategies are the same depending on what you are offering, but the basic model provides a starting point you can take advantage of to generate more sales online.

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