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How many SaaS applications do you use? On how many devices?

In the ongoing quest to make our lives easier, we keep adding more of both. And as technology advances continue to surge forward, the applications get smarter and work together seamlessly, because they all want us to live smooth, connected, productive lives. Right?

Unfortunately, this is not always so. The more devices and apps you use, the higher your chance of running into two major causes of data loss: syncing errors, and over-writing.

You’re probably familiar with syncing errors. They are so common that Google support has an entire page dedicated to error messages for sync problems. The messages range from annoying: “An unknown issue has occurred,” to alarming: “Your Google Drive folder is missing.”

And if that doesn’t convince you, try searching “cloud app syncing errors” and count how many popular cloud apps appear in the help forums you find. It’s a bit worrying.

Consumers may not be as familiar with another problem that poses a serious threat: applications overwriting the data of other applications. The 2013 Aberdeen Group Study titled SaaS Data Loss: The Problem You Didn’t Know You Had found that overwriting was the second most frequent cause of SaaS data loss. Overwriting can occur when importing data from one app into another, through user error, or when using multiple integrated applications, which may not actually integrate all that well.

It’s like all of your data is the Seven Kingdoms, and all your SaaS apps are the noble houses: Stark, Lannister, Baratheon, etc. In theory, they should all live together in peace. (Your noble apps.) But in reality, when one app gains a little too much power over your data, another can appear out of nowhere and poison it, burn it up with wildfire, throw it out of a moon window, or possibly crush its skull with its bare hands. (Good lord, that was messy.)

Okay, maybe that’s being a bit dramatic. But to data, overwriting is as deadly as beheading. Yet another argument for having a secure, automated, accessible, third party backup. Keep your head firmly in place.

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