How to Make an Email Marketing Touchdown on Game Day

2 min read · 7 years ago



In the spirit of the advertising and sales blitz that surrounds Superbowl Sunday, the email marketing business Campaigner offers this advice for getting the most from your marketing efforts on game day or any day.

  1. Train Rigorously:  Invest in pre-game prep to determine which campaign will score a touchdown. Use A/B split testing to test a variety of factors such as graphics, pricing, and calls to actions, to optimize a campaign and ensure that each and every email is generating revenue.
  2. Be Nimble: No matter how well you train, there will always be blitz plays coming out of left field on game day. Your team needs to be able to react quickly and re-strategize on the fly. Triggered emails can give you a competitive advantage. While automated drip campaigns get your brand in front of your audience with consistency, triggered emails let you respond to user actions without taking a time-out.
  3. Treat Your Subject Line Like Your Quarterback: Your quarterback is key to game-day success. All eyes are on your subject line, so it should be your top copywriting priority. Subject lines drive the most interactions and determine whether users will open your message. Use A/B split testing to find a subject that draws the most interaction and make that one your starting QB.
  4. Avoid Fouls: Shocking subject lines might grab customer attention, but are not always be worth the penalty. Your stunning subject may grab yardage with high open-rates, but not necessarily click-throughs. Here’s where you are best off taking a time-out to analyze user interaction. If it’s not positive, it’s time to re-strategize and try a different play.
  5. The Best Offense is a Good Defense: In the email marketing Super Bowl, the best offensive strategy is to have a solid defense. Prune inactive customers from your lists and alter your frequency. Would the Patriots keep a player in the game if he kept throwing incomplete passes? Cut your contacts who don’t interact with their emails. Mail to inactive users less frequently in order to give your star players more first-string attention.