Use Twitter Advanced Search For More Leads And Sales

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How To Use Twitter Advanced Search To Bring More Traffic To Your Business

Use Twitter Advanced Search for More Leads and Sales

Would you like to make more meaningful connections in your Twitter network?

Are you struggling with generating more leads and sales on social media?

Twitter is a great place for sharing information and building relationships through conversation. While target market research is still essential for lead generation social media can bring even more prospects who can be converted into sales.

As we move forward in this new year statistics show that sales are on the rise with Twitter. According the an infographic on, 33 percent of users follow a brand with 67 percent of those willing to purchase from those companies.

How can your business seize lead opportunities in the midst of a steady stream of tweets being sent out each second?

The key is to connect with the right users for your niche and to go beyond basic recommendations and hashtags with Twitter Advanced Search. This great feature allows you to hone in on the most important information, which produces more results for new connections.

Here are several key strategies you can begin today to build more leads and sales for your business:

Begin with conversations

This is a simple and effective way to immediately find new connections on Twitter, and that is searching with either “to:Username,” or “fromUsername,” which generates communication results. For example, here are results for to:

Use Twitter Advanced Search for More Leads and Sales

Use Twitter Advanced Search for More Leads and Sales

By scrolling through the tweets you’ll be able to find new connections to start building your network with. Try this with high level influencers first, and drill down from there. This feature is also good to use to learn about user reviews of your products or services or about your competitor’s.

Twitter local search

Use the advanced feature to find users in your area, which is especially helpful for brick-and-mortar businesses. If you are conducting research for a specific area then this can also prove to be very insightful. You will want to enter your information like this for precise results:

“#tophashtag” near:zip code within:miles or km

Find out what others are tweeting about your business

Feedback is a large part of customer service, and most of this is happening on social media, and is very popular on Twitter. Using this type of search will provide insights into how your customers are responding to your products or services, and how to improve on them. Meeting the needs of your target market should be a priority in your marketing strategy, and a term such as ‘can’t sleep :-(‘ or ‘pet dander :-(‘ will bring immediate results:

Use Twitter Advanced Search for More Leads and Sales

Try different phrases out to learn more about the preferences for your market. For example, if you own a B&B travel queries can reveal what the preferences are for guests along with their reviews. This is a great opportunity to answer their questions, and create more leads!

Narrow your search options

Use quotations around words or even entire phrases to produce more accurate results in your chosen language of preference. Hashtags, product names, influencer names, ect. can also highlight additional information. And if your search gives you words or phrases you don’t want, you can eliminate those in a new search.

Use Twitter Advanced Search for More Leads and Sales

These are just a few features to start using your advanced Twitter research. As you produce results, test out the other features to narrow your results and pin point exactly what your business needs.

Use this powerful tool to aid in your target market research, connect with new leads, start a conversation, and grow your network.

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